Got a music festival on the horizon? Grab some last minute pointers on the best apps and tech to take with you into the fields...

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With summer in full swing and the BBQ grill caked with last weekend’s burger remnants, there’s only one more summer stalwart to soak up: music festivals. But whether you’re off to Green Man, V, Reading or Leeds this month, or Bestival next, how can mobile tech help you maximize fun and minimize stress?

Wonder no longer: we caught up with festival and travel blogger Vicky Philpott from VickyFlipFlopTravels to find out…

‘Go prepared’

Vicky knows a thing or two about music festivals. She’s a regular on the festival scene and shares her experiences on her own blog as well as her loyal followers (currently over 18,000 on Twitter @VickyFlipFlop). So, what sort of apps or equipment does she recommend?

As it turns out, Vicky’s very first recommendation is to download your festival’s official app. “Most of the big festivals have their own app,” she explains, “and these can help when you’re trying to organise your day but don’t want to buy a festival guide. They can also help with finding things like food, toilets and different stages. And as the festival goes on, the schedules are updated with any changes so they’re really useful, too.”

“It’s so much fun to have a direct interaction with people and to watch other people’s days as and when they happen.”

Next up? The right social feeds for the job. Music festivals are all about music (obvs), but also community; after all, you’re quite likely to standing shoulder to shoulder with someone with similar passions to you…

“It’s so much fun to have a direct interaction with people and to watch other people’s days as and when they happen,” Vicky tells us, “and for that I use Snapchat (@VickyFlipFlop). It’s also a great way to get in touch with friends – you can clearly see if your message has sent and you can see each other’s surroundings too, so if you get separated you don’t have to describe where they are. The only trouble with Snapchat is that it absolutely hammers your battery.”

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And on top of that, Vicky’s got a couple of other essential festival hardware shout outs: “Take a torch. The one on your phone – if your phone has it – uses up too much battery. You might also want to take a waterproof case or cover for your phone, especially if you’re going to a British festival – those damp nights are not good for most phones.”

Essentially, it all comes down to two words: “Go prepared.”

“Take boots, avoid using the toilets where possible, and just try to have the right attitude – stay positive, even in the the rain/heat/mud/crowds.”

The 2016 festival checklist

So which festivals does Vicky think should be on everyone’s bucket list? She’s got a mixture of the big hitters and the smaller upstarts on hers:

Latitude is my favourite festival, I think. I’ve only been once because I’ve been busy on that weekend every year since, but I just thought it had the best line up, the best atmosphere and such a cool set up. I’m definitely going next year. The year I went to Glastonbury was awesome too; it’s a crazy and hectic festival and I must’ve walked miles over the weekend I was there, but I’ll remember that one forever.”

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But whilst a few of those big-named festivals may already be over, there are plenty to keep music fans busy over the coming months:

“My next fest is going to be Rock en Seine Festival at the end of August (26 – 28) – it looks like a cool festival since it’s based on the river in Paris. And then a week later, over the first weekend of September, I’m going to Festival No 6 in Portmeirion in Wales. That one has won so many awards for being the best boutique festival, and it’s apparently got one of the best settings in the world [built around a small coastal town]. It’s also got a great line up this year,” Vicky says in closing. “I can’t wait!”

To see or read more of Vicky and her travels, be sure to check out VickyFlipFlopTravels blog or follow her on Twitter (@VickyFlipFlop).

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