We're back again with our monthly round-up of the best new apps available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone!


Passing the time in the digital age is easy; whack out your phone, text your mum, call your friends, or dive into the latest games or apps. We can help you with all three of those, but when it comes to apps, how do you find the best amid a sea of pretenders?

It’s easy. Just take a deep breath, relax, and allow us to sort the wheat from the chaff. These are the best new games and apps hitting every major app store this month…

Messenger for Pokémon GO | Android
Want to up your hunt for every breed of Pokémon going? This new, unofficial app integrates into the main Pokémon GO app and lets you speak to fellow trainers, share you location and point out where that rare Snorlax is. You can even opt to chat with just members of your team, but the best thing is there’s no need to exit the game to talk.

Battery GO | Android
In a similar vein, Battery GO adds some much-needed functionality to your Pokémon hunting by adjusting how it attacks your phone’s battery. As is, the app needs to have the screen switched on and the app open to work. With Battery GO installed, the app will still work with the screen switched off, helping you save some precious power.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders | iOSAndroid

Whodunit? Figuring that out is your main task in the first installment of a planned game series featuring Belgian-born Hercule Poirot. Explore the local community to collect evidence, interrogate witnesses, and solve puzzles to crack the case of exactly who “ABC” is in this point-and-click detective adventure game.

Firefox | iOS
Open-source web browser Firefox has received a whole host of updates for iOS in the past month that’ll all work to give you a better Internet experience. For one, it’s faster than ever before, and offers reductions in CPU usage (40%) and memory usage (30%) – saving you battery power. There’s now a “Close All Tabs” option to save you shutting each one manually, the ability to search for content or words within websites from the address bar, and more.

Deus Ex GO | iOS, Android

Another gaming franchise to reach ‘GO’ status (Pokémon GO, Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO…) is Deus Ex; the hugely popular RPG series from Square Enix. Set in a cyberpunk universe, humanity has discovered how to improve our natural capabilities using cybernetic augmentations, effectively turning people part-machine. You’ll play as the recent games’ hero Adam Jensen in this addictive turn-based puzzle game.

Primsa | iOS, Android
It’s been out a little while, but since we missed its launch in our last apps roundup, and since the Android version is now here, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to highlight the photo-editing app du jour. Prisma takes your photos and paints beautiful new versions of them using smart AI, with an absolute glut of cool effects to choose from.

“Prisma takes your photos and paints beautiful new versions of them using smart AI.”

Apple TV Remote | iOS
Apple’s Remote app has always been a good accompaniment to Apple TV since its keypad makes searching for movies, shows and music a breeze. The app’s refresh takes things to a whole new level, though, thanks to the addition of Siri. As long as you have one of the newest (4th gen) Apple TV boxes, you’ll be able to ask Siri for suggestions, control playback with your voice, and even ask ‘what did they just say?’ – Siri will scrub the back 30 seconds and temporarily add subtitles.

Rio 2016 | iOS, Android, Windows Phone
The Olympics are go! The Rio games are now thoroughly underway, but with so many events how can you be sure you don’t miss your favourite? The official Rio Olympics app is the answer; it’s packed with schedules, results, facts about each event, info on the venues and stadiums, and – of course – that all important medal table.

Out There: Chronicles | iOS, Android

Humanity is no longer how you remember it. Your life on Earth is over. Your successful stasis has propelled you into the future in an instant – relatively speaking, of course. But is life better? Nope. In this beautiful interactive graphic novel, you’ll find yourself as a minority among more advanced species who rule the stars. To find your own – now sparse – people you need to forge unlikely friendships and encounter ancient enemies.

Dyson Link | iOS, Android
The Dyson Link app – which lets you control Dyson devices – has been around for ages, but it gets a mention here because it’s just been updated to let you keep track of the new Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner – the company’s first automated machine and one it’s been working on since 1998! Fire up the app and you can follow your little bot’s progress around the home.

“Just search for a movie, actor, director, etc., and Cinematics will bring up everything you ever wanted to know.”

Cinematics | Android
Like movies? You’ll love Cinematics. It’s a one-stop shop for cinema buffs which combines the power of a Google Search, the informational prowess of IMDB, and the rating system from Rotten Tomatoes, and wraps it all up in a shiny Material Design coating. Just search for a movie, actor, director, etc., and Cinematics will bring up everything you ever wanted to know.

Starbucks | Windows 10 Mobile
A longtime fan favourite on iOS and Android, the Starbucks app has made it to Windows 10 smartphones at last! With it you can check up on and redeem your rewards, and you can even use the app to pay for your cuppa in 700 stores throughout the UK.

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