Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? It's a brand new season of Ballers on NOW TV. To celebrate, we've been taking a look through the big man's back catalogue...

Can you smell what Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is cooking? Ballers returned to Sky Atlantic and NOW TV Entertainment last month, bringing ten new episodes of awesomely wry sports comedy to your TV and mobile screens. The show follows everyone’s favourite eyebrow-arching ex-wrestler in the role of Spencer Strasmore, a retired NFL superstar who takes on a role as a financial manager to sign fresh talent to the big league.

It’s Friday Night Lights meets Entourage, and it proves that Johnson’s trademark charm and likeability can transfer to the small screen with ease. The whole first season and a couple of episodes of the second are available to stream right now on NOW TV Entertainment, but if you want to soak up some of Rock’s greatest hits beforehand you need look no further.

We’ve collated the man’s must-see movies and appearances, along with where to watch them…


The Other Guys

He may not be in it for long, but The Rock’s appearance at the start of The Other Guys (alongside Samuel L. Jackson) is flat out hilarious. The good news? Once he’s offscreen the gags keep coming thick and fast courtesy of Will Ferrell and Marky Mark Wahlberg. If you liked Anchorman, you’ll love this.

Be Cool

The sequel to Get Shorty, 2005’s Be Cool brought a ragtag ensemble cast together for a sly poke at the music industry’s many foibles. The Rock plays a bodyguard vying to begin an acting career amidst the criminal chaos unfolding all around. Danny DeVito, John Travolta, Vince Vaughn and Uma Thurman also star.

Pain & Gain

Michael Bay doing a gritty true life crime thriller? Not exactly. While Pain & Gain is loosely based on true events, the wackiness here has been dialled up to 11, resulting in a madcap, funny, outrageous black comedy affair that lets ol’ Dwayne and co-star Mark Wahlberg truly shine. Surprisingly good stuff.


Scott Foundas of Variety said of 2014’s Hercules that “its strongest asset is surely Johnson, who continues to foster one of the most affable, guileless screen personas in movies today.” Besides which, it’s a good solid historical romp with plenty of grandiose action, making it a must-watch for Rock fans everywhere.


Ok, so it’s not the best movie of all time. But Doom, based on the demon-destroying game series of the same name, does have some standout moments (like the bombastic first-person scene), along with The Rock at his ass-kicking best. Switch your brain off and enjoy.

Elsewhere online

The Rock’s YouTube Channel

Having announced his intentions with what has to be the most grandiose debut video for a YouTube channel of all time, it’s pretty clear that The Rock isn’t messing about when it comes to vlogging.

WWE Network

Sign up to the WWE Network and you’ll be gifted access to thousands of hours of wrestling action from the past few decades. The man of the hour features as a prominent part of that epic library, People’s Elbow et al. Sit back, don your spandex and watch the most electrifying man in sports entertainment do his thing.

The Rock Clock

rock clock 2
Need a spot of help getting out of bed in the morning? The Rock Clock is just what you need. At its heart it’s a straightforward alarm app, but the ace up its sleeve is the slew of intensely motivational mantras that the man himself will bark at you each day. Definitely one for those lacking in a bit of get-up-and-go.

It Doesn’t Matter

No Rock roundup would be complete without a mention of his brief entrance into the world of music. Got a few minutes? Check out his incredible duet – if you can call it that – with the Fugees’ Wyclef Jean from way back in the year 2000.

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