Summer's here; it's time to get out there! But how can you make the most of your phone when away from charge? Simple: grab yourself a Belkin battery pack...

belkin battery pack

The sun may only be poking its head out from behind the clouds occasionally, but the seasonal warmth is here to stay, which means it’s time to get out and about and make the most of the Great British Summer. But with so much to play, watch, listen to and do on your phone, how can you ensure it survives the rigours of a long day out and about?

Luckily, we’ve got a top deal that’ll save your summer. While stocks last, if you pop down to your nearest Vodafone store you’ll be able to grab a small-but-mighty 4000mAh Belkin battery pack for just £10 – while stocks last!

That’s 60% off its RRP of £25! But why should you jump on board? Well, for starters, 4000mAh is roughly enough to charge an average smartphone twice over, while two USB slots means you’ll be able to grab some juice while a friend does too. But beyond that, there are plenty of seasonal reasons to arm yourself with extra power this summer. Here are just five…

1. Festivals

Festival season is in full swing. This month thousands of music, comedy and culture fans will trek their way to V Fest, Green Man, Reading and Leeds to soak up the festival spirit, but camping in a muddy field for three days will mean using a whole lot of Aeroplane Mode if you want your phone to last the duration. Unless, that is, you stash a charger in your tent for a couple of nightly charges!

2. Location-based gaming

You may be aware of a mobile gaming phenomenon sweeping the globe right now, with one defining trait – it’s crazy addictive! Your battery can take a bit of a hit with these geo-location based apps due to the use of GPS, online connectivity and your phone’s camera, but with a Belkin battery pack in your back pocket you’ll never miss a catch again!

3. Long flights

So you’ve loaded up your phone or tablet with movies, TV shows, games and offline Spotify playlists, ready for your airborne sojourn. But what if the plane doesn’t offer plug points? With enough juice for around two full recharges, Belkin’s external battery packs will power you through those boxsets without breaking a sweat.

4. Barbecues in the park

The weather’s balmy, your pals have assembled, you’ve got the disposable barbies at the ready… All you need now is the perfect summer party mix. Oh, and bring your £10 Belkin battery along with you to make sure the music doesn’t stop until the good times do.

5. Wedding season

Every year’s always the same: you get to the summer months and suddenly it feels like you spend all your weekends at weddings. If you consider yourself a budding (read: competitive) amateur wedding photographer, you’ll know that taking a million snaps of the happy couple will cause some serious drain on the old phone battery. So pop a power pack in your bag or suit jacket and make sure you don’t miss those embarrassing dance floor moments late in the game.

Get a battery pack for just £6! Looking for another juicy bargain? Then why not head online and grab a Vodafone Emergency Power Bank at half price! Just enter the voucher code ‘Pokemon’ in the checkout to grab 50% off.