Pokémon Go is far from the only GPS-powered mobile game around. If you're keen to get out there and gain points, collectibles or kudos, you need these apps.


If Jigglypuff, Charmander, and Squirtle mean nothing to you, chances are you missed out on the Pokémon craze back in the mid 90s, which means that the Pokémon GO mania taking the world by storm is probably going over your head like a poorly aimed Tail Whip. If you want to catch up, you can read our quick-fire Pokémon Go guide here.

But whether you’re a Pokémon newbie or you’re a nostalgia-fuelled obsessive, there are plenty of other apps that take the same location-based premise – exploring your neighbourhood in order to grab or upgrade digital collectibles. Looking to stretch those legs? Try these Pokémon GO alternatives…

Geocaching | iOS – Free | Android – Free

Geocaching is described as “the world’s largest treasure hunting community,” and it wants to help you find millions of cleverly hidden objects across more than 185 countries. By making use of your phone’s GPS, Geocaching will highlight nearby physical objects on the map that have been placed there by other members. Just solve the cryptic clues, find the precise location and uncover the real life geocache goodie. Gotta find ‘em all!

Ingress | iOS – Free | Android – Free

Made by the same team as Pokémon GO, Ingress will look instantly familiar to Pokéfans. The app transforms the real world map into one teeming with the battles of two rival factions. Work with people from your community to help stop your rivals from taking over by getting out there and capturing ‘portals’ (buildings and statues, etc.) whenever you’re in range. But which faction do you join? It’s up to you.

Swarm | iOS – Free | Android – Free | Windows 10 Mobile – Free

swarm app 3

Before Facebook added its check-in feature, geographically-aware, social media savvy folk who wanted to gamify where they were in the world used Foursquare to check-in to bars, train stations, airports, or anywhere else –earning virtual badges and titles for their effort. While Foursquare has since transformed into more of a discovery tool for local venues, its spin-off app, Swarm, has taken on all that cool checking-in stuff, and is still a strong geo game for anyone who wants to become mayor of their regular coffee shop.

Zombies, Run! | iOS – Free | Android – Free

Zombies, Run! Is a firm favourite of ours here at Vodafone Social. In a world overrun by the living dead, running is both the key to survival and the only way to make trips out of your base to grab supplies without being zombified yourself. So pop in a pair of headphones, fire up the app, choose a mission, and you’ll soon hear the zombies around you, groaning, wheezing, and chasing. As you run you’ll collect supplies to grow your base back at home, as well as uncover a brilliantly written story that requires you to let your imagination run riot.

Turf Wars | iOS – Free | Android – Free

Think you’ve got what it takes to become the mafia don of your town? Turf Wars is a massively multiplayer online game that throws deep tactical gameplay and RPG battle elements into the mix with GPS-based territory-winning. Head to a real world rival’s area to try and take it over and add it to your growing mafia empire; just make sure no one’s trying to takeover yours while you’re away!

Landlord: Real Estate Tycoon | iOS – Free | Android – Free

If only Monopoly was real. Well, it is! Landlord allows you to – virtually – buy local real-world venues and earn in-game money whenever other players check-in to them using Facebook or Foursquare. Buy, trade and sell your way to the top and you could become your town’s resident property tycoon. But why stop there? There are 50 million venues to get your mitts on worldwide!

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