Looking for ways to watch and join in on all the action from this year's Open? Look no further; we've got a heap of awesome mobile apps to help you stay under par...

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Keen golfer? The 146th Open at tees off at Royal Birkdale today (20 July) – keeping you glued to the green, and out of the rough, for one week solid of fairway bliss. And if you opted for Sky Sports Mobile TV with your Vodafone Red Entertainment plan, you’ll be able to tune in wherever you go.

For avid pitchers and putters, though, we know that just watching won’t be enough; you’ll no doubt want to participate in anything and everything golf-ey before, during, and after the tournament. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered: here are the apps you need in your pocket to help you get your golf on this week…

the openThe Open | Free, iOS
If it’s The Open you want, this official app is a must-have. It’ll deliver up-to-the-minute live scoring, video highlights, a really cool interactive course guide as well as some live golf. What could be better?

r and a the rulesThe R&A Rules of Golf | Free – iOS, Android
If you’re new to the game of golf but looking to catch up, you’ll soon find there’s much more to learn than simply introducing your clubs to your ball. Thankfully, there’s a top notch app out there for anyone looking to know their birdies from their bogeys, and it’s made by the R&A themselves –the official governing body of the sport. Rules of Golf has facts, stats and tidbits aplenty; think of this as golf 101.

swingproSkyPro Swing Trainer | Free – iOS, Android
Looking to improve your swing? SkyPro Swing Trainer is a good start but you’ll need some additional kit. Working alongside the SkyPro sensor that you strap onto your golf club, it monitors your club’s motion during each swing. That data is transmitted to your phone or tablet, providing you with detailed analysis to improve your swing, footing and grip for next time. Remember: knowledge is power.

swing by swingSwing by Swing | Free – iOSAndroid
With inside info on hundreds of courses around the world, this app acts a GPS rangefinder that details the distance between you and the centre of the green, along with every obstacle on the course. It also doubles as a digital scorecard to keep track of how well or woefully your game is going without having to resort to pen and paper.

microsoft healthMicrosoft Health | Free – iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile
By pairing Microsoft Health account with one at TaylorMadeGolf, you can search for your nearest course and sync it to your Microsoft Band. Every swing you take will be recorded via the Band and added to your digital scorecard on your phone of choice. You’ll also be presented with detailed info about the course you’re on, such as distance to the green. Handy.

hole 19Hole19 | Free – iOS, Android
Hole19’s app takes the tough decision-making out of which club to use when you’re facing those tricky shots. By selecting any point on the course, you’ll be able to see how far it is from your current location. Want to tactfully knock it 50 yards? Probably best not to pull a wood out of the golf bag. And, with personalised performance graphics bundled into the app too, you can easily see how well you’re performing.

putt readerPutt Reader | Free – Android
You’ve successfully managed to get that little white ball safely down the fairway, away from the trees, and onto the green. Now what? If your putting skills let you down you’ll end up going back and forth five times. Putt Reader helps you in those vital moments by reading the green for you. Place your phone in front of the ball, then over the hole, then in the middle, and it’ll work out where you need to aim to sink that decisive clincher.

Sky-SportsSky Sports Mobile TV | Free (with subscription to Sky) – iOS, Android
If all else fails you can always sit back, relax and watch a great week of golf. If you opt for Sky Sports Mobile TV when you chose a Vodafone Red Value Entertainment Plan, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the latest news from the course at Royal Birkdale wherever you go – even if you’re on the course yourself.

See every stroke… You can follow the 146th Royal Open on your mobile from 20 July to 23 July via Sky Sports Mobile TV. Click here to find out how.

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