Like the look of our brand new Smart platinum 7? You're not alone! Here's what the tech experts have to say...

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Hot out of the factory gates having launched only a couple of weeks ago, our new high-end Vodafone Smart platinum 7 delivers a laundry list of premium features – such as a fingerprint scanner, a Smart VR headset (free when you order your new smartphone), a 5.5-inch QHD AMOLED display, and a 16-megapixel camera – all for only £295.

Are you ready for an upgrade, in the market for your first premium smartphone, or just interested to know more? Well, you needn’t take our word for its brilliance; we’ve scoured the web to bring you reviews and impressions from  some of the biggest and best tech sites around.

Vodafone Smart platinum 7 first impressions

“The Vodafone Smart platinum 7 is right up there as one of the best phones you can buy around the £300 mark. It’s fast, has great build, stunning looks and great audio chops.”

Expert Reviews
“The Smart platinum 7 certainly makes a great first impression. With its glossy, glass back, there’s something very reminiscent of the Galaxy S7 in the Smart Platinum 7’s design, but its angular, chamfered edges actually make it much easier to hold than its Samsung rival. The textured power and volume buttons are also nice touches, and the dual front-facing speakers are another welcome addition to the platinum’s rather impressive set of specs.”

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“In a recent review of the Vodafone prime 7 I said that you no longer need to have a major manufacturer device such as from Samsung and LG to have a powerful and top of the line smartphone. The platinum 7 confirmed this statement and then some. Whilst most network-branded devices are around the £100-£150 mark, the platinum 7 (at double that) is a costly investment, but you really do get the quality you deserve in a high end smartphone from design to the materials used.

“The battery was great in performance and easily lasted me the day, even with quite a lot of multimedia use and some social networking, the 3000mAh battery paired with Android 6.0 really helps in this department.”

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“One of the benefits of rocking one of Qualcomm’s latest processors is that you also get Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which should restore the sizeable 3000mAh battery to full in under an hour and a half – not bad for a phone that lasts between a day and a half to two general use.

“The other big draw for the platinum is that it supports Cat 6 LTE, so it feels blazingly fast on Vodafone’s 4G network compared to the rest of the 2016 lineup, most of which only support Cat 4 speeds.”

“The display is drop-dead gorgeous – full stop! It’s a QHD AMOLED panel; really bright both inside and outside – it’s just fantastic. Viewing angels are top-notch and it even puts a lot of £600 smartphones to shame.”

The Inquirer
“Vodafone is onto a winner with the Smart Platinum 7. It combines ice-cool design with a hearty specs sheet and is fully capable of giving other mid-rangers a run for their money. That it costs a shade under £300 makes the case all the more compelling.”

“When talking about the front-loaded speakers: “They’re deliciously subtle, with little grills above and below the screen being the only sign they’re there at all. They also sound terrific – for a phone setup, anyway. They do a great job of making the sound wide and involving when you’re stuck down a YouTube rabbit hole of cartoon theme tunes from your youth. Or whatever else you waste your life away online with.

“Sound quality is remarkably good too, with unusually good bass power and even a pretty good sense of separation between the parts of a mix when you play music. They don’t make the Smart platinum 7 turn into an angry vibrating plate as soon as you turn the volume up, either.”

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“We’re looking at 5.5-inch, Wide Quad HD AMOLED display (2,560 x 1,440) wrapped in an attractive blend of “aircraft-grade” aluminium and glass. No polycarbonate unibody here, and by using quality materials while keeping the weight at a comfortable 155g, it’s by far the most premium own-brand handset I’ve seen from a UK carrier.

“Where the platinum 7 really stands out, though, is in the value-added features. The front-facing camera has a small, dedicated flash, for example, and the 3,000mAh battery supports quick charging that’ll take you from 0-50 percent in half an hour.”

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