We're back again with our monthly round-up of the best new apps available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone!


Each and every month sees a raft of new apps hit the Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Marketplace, but with reams and reams to go through and no real way of sifting out the good from the bad, how do you know what to download?

That’s where we come in. We’re here every month to pick out the latest and greatest apps worthy of a spot on your home screen, so you’re only ever using the best tools for the job. So, without further ado, here’s our rundown for July…

Look | Free
With Look, you can ask anyone in the world to become your personal webcam. Want to see what’s happening somewhere exotic? Or get a look at a live football match from the stands? Just request a stream from a Look user who’s at the event, and take a look for yourself!
Download Look for iOS

BurstKey | Free
Still images are great and all, but BurstKey gives you a quick and simple way of turning your snaps into moving animations. The app takes a burst of photos, then converts them directly into a gif, making them easily shareable across all your social networks and messaging apps.
Download BurstKey for iOS

Voicify | Free
Voicify lets you mess around with your voice in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Just record a video of yourself saying something, and then play around to your hearts content before sharing on all your favourite social networks. Simple, light-hearted fun.
Download Voicify for iOS

Never Alone – Ki Edition | £3.99

This beautiful, atmospheric puzzler was developed alongside the native Iñupiat people of Alaska and follows one of their most traditional stories, as young Nuna and his fox must trek, swim and leap across the dangerous tundra to find the source of a blizzard that threatens their livelihoods.
Download Never Alone – Ki Edition for iOS

Sky Force Reloaded | Free
The only top-down scrolling shooter worth having, frankly. Sky Force has always had vintage arcade charm in spades, and Reloaded just brings more to the table in the form of new weapons, enemies and bosses, and a hefty payload of new missions too.
Download Sky Force Reloaded for iOS and Android

Finch for Twitter | £2.99
Finch ‘Instagrams’ your Twitter feed in a sense, by turning your normally text-heavy timeline into a stream of photos. It seems simple but it really does change the way you use the social network, letting you browse pictures from hashtags, or keep up with pictures from your favourite celebs.
Download Finch for Twitter for iOS and Android

RunGo | Free

Keen runner? Then you’ll know that trying to mix up your routes for variety often involves frequently checking your map – and that’s a big drain on your battery. RunGo has a huge catalogue of great routes saved for places all over the world, and gives you turn-by-turn directions through your headphones so you can focus on that all-important time.
Download RunGo for iOS and Android

iStaging | Free
If you’re thinking about having a redesign at home, iStaging is the perfect way to trial your new look before you start moving things around. Take pictures of your home and the app will convert objects into augmented reality versions of themselves, letting you move them around inside the room! Neat.
Download iStaging for iOS and Android

Airtime | Free
Think: Whatsapp but based around video chat. You can have one-to-one conversations with your mates, or a big group chat, but rather than typing to each other you’re all present and correct via webcam! It’s a perfect way of watching TV or having a meetup together if you can’t be in the same room.
Download Airtime for iOS and Android

Lumio Cam | Free
If you’re looking for a photography app with a little more bang for its buck, Lumio Cam is the answer. It’s bundled with loads of professional features and settings, giving you total control over your shots. Time to let those snaps shine.
Download Lumio Cam for Android

Nextpad | Free
Nextpad is a simple looking word processor for Windows Phone, but don’t be fooled – it’s seriously powerful, and packed full of features. It supports multiple file formats, has all the processing tools you’d expect on PC, and even supports text-to-speech and dictation.
Download Nextpad for Windows Phone

Spotify | Free
Spotify isn’t new on Windows Phone, but it has recently had an important update. The user interface has had a complete overhaul and looks much better for it, with new design and transition animations. Users should notice a performance upgrade as well.
Download Spotify for Windows Phone

Edjing Scratch | Free
Are you a superstar DJ in disguise? Edjing Scratch is the first music app on Windows Phone dedicated to the downright cool-as-heck art of vinyl scratching, giving you two virtual decks to rip on.
Download Edjing Scratch for Windows Phone

DailyDiary | £1.89
DailyDiary has everything you could possibly need to keep a track of all your activities, tasks and ideas throughout the day. You’ve got notifications, calendar synchronisation, a journal for note-taking, even social network feeds synced directly into the app, and best of all, everything integrates with OneDrive.
Download DailyDiary for Windows Phone

Audible | Free
Like Spotify, Audible has also received a timely update this month. Both the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile app now have access to ‘Audible Channels’, a brand new area where users can get access to shorter listening material – like podcasts, news and comedy shows.
Download Audible for Windows Phone

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