Already Missing Game of Thrones? The sixth season may have just ended, but there's plenty of big, epic TV drama to feast one whilst we wait for the seventh. Here are our picks...

tv dramaWell, it’s all over for another year. But what a season of top TV it was! Game of Thrones’ sixth season left us broken, battered and shell-shocked, and now all we can do is wait 12 months for more. Or is it? If this year’s finale of HBO’s award-winning epic has left a drama-shaped hole in your TV, look no further.

We’ve scoured the best of NOW TV and Netflix to come up with a shortlist of epic drama TV shows worthy of your attention in your Westerosi downtime. Read on to fill that gap…

The Musketeers

It may be grounded more in literature and history than fantasy, but the Beeb’s reimagining of Alexandre Dumas’ infamous Musketeers has swordfights and other such swashbuckling action in spades. Think of it as ‘Ned Stark goes to Paris’ and you’re along the right lines.


After a show with more magic up its sleeves? This is another top BBC effort with a lot of boxes on the GoT checklist squarely ticked. Medieval castles? Check. Knights? Check. Family intrigue? Check. Dragons? Check. The series follows a young Merlin as he schools up on his wizarding knowhow at Camelot.

Marco Polo

Looking for something a bit grittier and bloodier? Netflix’ Marco Polo definitely has that going for it. As prisoner of Kublai Khan’s court in 13th century Mongolia, the eponymous rogue fights, talks and beds his way in and out of trouble over what’s currently two seasons of seriously high quality television.

The British

It may be a documentary rather than a drama, but Sky Atlantic’s The British – which dives into our medieval history – is beautifully crafted, epic in scope, and will seem incredibly familiar to Thrones fans since a lot of what goes on in Westeros is based on the Tudor era War of the Roses.


Stick with us on this one. Bloodline may lack swords, dragons, magic and magnitude, but if it’s the murky family drama you love in Game of Thrones, you’ll find a kindred interest in Bloodline. The show – now in its second season – is all about digging terrible skeletons out of dark closets.

Peaky Blinders

Dark, smart and with some standout performances (most notably from lead Cillian Murphy and guest star Tom Hardy), Peaky Blinders is an absolute must for drama addicts. It’s set in 1920’s Birmingham and centres on the titular gang’s rise to power, all set amid an iconic Nick Cave soundtrack.


It all starts with a suspicious death and hints of a great evil coming from the ice. Sound familiar, Thrones fans? In truth, Fortitude is miles away from George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy saga, but it is gripping, complex and adult in nature, and chocked full of excellent performances, including a grand turn from British legend Michael Gambon. Season two is in the works, so catch up on season one now!

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