Wanna bust a move? Here's 30 of the most toe tapping dance moments from the big and small screens to help brighten your day...

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Here on the blog we’re counting through our favourite ‘30s’ – lists of great moments, tracks, events and more in the worlds of sport, music, movies and TV. And right now? It’s as good a time as any to check out some of the all-time best dance moves and moments from the silver and small screens…

Dance like nobody’s streaming

1. You should be dancin’ – Saturday Night Fever

A movie with a bevy of iconic dance scenes, and the flick that helped shoot Travolta (and the BeeGees) into superstardom.

2. Trouserless – Risky Business

Proving that you don’t need trousers to dance like a champ.

3. Showing them what’s what – Napoleon Dynamite

Doing for nerd dancing what Eddie the Eagle did for the winter Olympics.

4. A brief interlude – The Breakfast Club

In which the detained teens take a brief interlude from being angsty to jive around on the desks.

5. Leo’s bodypopping – Wolf of Wall Street


Leo’s *real* oscar worthy moment.

6. Pageant dance – Little Miss Sunshine

She’s super freaky.

7. Bret’s angry dance – Flight of the Conchords

Sometimes you’ve just gotta let it all out.

8. Ben Stiller’s best moves – Starsky and Hutch

A 70s disco dance-off for the ages

9. Piano dance – Big

If you can watch this without at least drawing a tiny smile, you need medical attention.

10. Backstreet’s Back – This is the End

Who doesn’t love a random 90s throwback dance scene at the end of a movie?

11. The PM shuffle – Love, Actually

Pleasing mostly because Hugh’s playing the Prime Minister, pulling the kind of moves we really hope happen behind number 10’s closed doors.

12. The Cartlon – Fresh Prince of Bel Air

If an alien lands in your garden and asks you to show it what the word ‘joy’ means, you show him The Carlton.

13. Coco Bongo dance – The Mask

Swing dancing’s much more impressive if you have physics-defying limbs and hurricane-like spins.

14. Bollywood ending – Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog’s one of Danny Boyle’s best movies, made all the better by the big
Bollywood dance scene that kicks off right at the last.

15. Nailing the lift – Dirty Dancing

There’s the happiness that comes from being silly, and then there’s happiness that comes from finally nailing a difficult dance step. This is the latter.

16. Snake Juice – Parks and Rec
For Parks & Rec fans, these few seconds’ worth of uncharacteristic glee on Ron Swanson’s face are pure gold.

17. Stewie and Gene Kelly – Family Guy

A cinematic mashup that really, really shouldn’t work, but does.

18. David Brent’s charity dance – The Office

Arm-twizzling comedic genius from Reading’s finest export.

19. Parade – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Matthew Broderick making commandeering a parade look incredibly easy. And cool.

20. Go Ninja Go – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Forget the CGI reboot – nothing beats Vanilla Ice spitting out some dodgy rapping while the TMNTs dish out a beating.

21. Fonzie’s dance – Happy Days

Brilliantly repurposed in the video for Weezer’s Buddy Holly, Fonzie’s dance-off is a masterclass in effortless effort.

22. The morning after – 500 Days of Summer

Ever had what feels like the best day of all time? Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character sure has…

23. Dance competition – Pulp Fiction

The scene that still arguably stands as both Uma Thurman and John Travolta’s finest onscreen moments.

24. What a glorious feeling – Singin’ in the Rain

Gene Kelly making the most of a drizzly day.

25. Chicken Dance – Arrested Development

In which nobody in the Bluth family knows what a chicken looks or sounds like

26. Opening sequence – Austin Powers

Groovy, baby.

27. Ross and Monica’s ‘Routine’ – Friends

Another classic from Friends, only this time it’s the Gellers who get to shake their stuff – to a routine they invented as kids.

28. Air Bass – Alan Partridge

You know when you’re just so committed to the imaginary instrument in your hands that you even mime putting it away? Alan does.

29. I Love to Boogie – Billy Elliot

Billy’s infectious dance moves, set to an eclectic soundtrack, turned Jamie Bell into a household name overnight – and with good reason.

30. Sam Rockwell on Jimmy Fallon

Ok, so it’s not a clip from a scripted show or movie; we just wish we had Sam’s moves. Imagine making entrances like this.

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