We're celebrating our new 30 Day Network Guarantee with some of our favourite 30s - today we're counting down 30 ways to relive your childhood!


Are you thinking of switching over to Vodafone? Well, there really couldn’t be a better time. We recently introduced a brand new 30 Day Network Guarantee, so anyone can come and trial our network for 30 days, and if you don’t want to join us after your trial period, you can leave with no hassle and no questions asked!

It’s a great reason to say ‘yay’, and we’re celebrating our new #30DayYay by rounding up some of our favourite 30s – whether that’s our favourite 30 goals ever scored at the Euros, or 30 great holiday hacks to smooth our your summer.

Today, it’s all about revisiting your childhood, so we’ve pulled together 30 ways you can relive your younger years, starting things right with a hearty breakfast…

1. Start your day with variety pack cereal
For many of us, most of our younger mornings started with a small box of Frosties, Rice Krispies or Coco Pops – the perfect hyperactive start to your day.

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2. Hit up the swings at your local playground
Why are playgrounds just for kids? Head down to your local park and hit up the swings, slides and see-saws.


3. Sit down with a digital colouring book
Hours of our childhoods were lost to intricate colouring books, with absolutely no respect given to any of the guide lines. Maybe it’s time to go back and do things properly with an app like Colorfy for iOS.

4. Build a cardboard box fort
Who goes there? Cardboard just becomes an annoyance when we get old, but why not use your old boxes for their real purpose – a sturdy box fort!


5. Binge watch cartoons on Netflix
Remember the days when you had nothing to do but slump in front of the TV and watch cartoons? Bunk off work for a day and watch some Garfield on Netflix – it’ll be fine.

6. Have a midnight feast
If your childhood was anything like an Enid Blyton novel, you’ll have had your fair share of midnight feasts. Sneak down to the kitchen, scoop up everything you can and enjoy.


7. Camp in your back garden
Putting up a tent in the back garden with your parents and sleeping under the stars seems mundane, but it’s magical when you’re a kid. Perfect parent-child bonding. The SAS Survival app has all the info you need to make it through a night in the wilds of your garden.

8. Build a campfire and roast some marshmallows
And whilst you’re out there, build yourself a little campfire and do a bit of al fresco cooking! Cooking on an open fire is often a beautiful learning experience for kids.


9. Have a day out at the beach
Beach holidays are often at the front of our childhood memory banks, whether it’s a beautiful holiday in the Caribbean or a chilly day trip to Blackpool. Why not top it off with a tasty watermelon?


10. Put on a puppet show
A great one for the really young kids, spend a day making a few puppets out of old socks, and then put on a show!


11. Break out the board games!
Board Games aren’t just for kids, but we all have fond memories of games Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and Connect 4 as youngsters. Surely they’re still in the loft somewhere? Take a look at Shut Up & Sit Down’s video reviews to see just how far board games have come since your day.

12. Have a pyjama day
One of the joys of being young is that you don’t always have something in your day that means you have to get dressed. So… don’t get dressed, just rock your PJs.


13. Wake up early for children’s TV
Many of us wake up as early as our kids, only we do it for work and they do it to watch TV in the early hours. If you can’t beat them, join them.


14. Swap your meals for ice cream
Pretty self-explanatory, this one. Stuck for dinner plans? Forget your calorie counting, just grab yourself a big tub of ice cream and have at it.


15. Put up posters in your room
No childhood bedroom was complete with a poster of Limp Bizkit or The Backstreet Boys. Plus, choosing posters is far more fun than comparing colour charts.


16. Go on an epic bike ride!
Your first bike was your first taste of true freedom. Grab your bike, and head out into the wildlands on an epic journey of adventure. Take a look at Beeline, too, which is available to preorder on Kickstarter.

17. Buy a trampoline
Boing. Boing. Boing. Nothing says childish fun like a trampoline. Chances are you probably don’t have one anymore, so you’ll have to be an adult and buy one first.


18. Break out the Lego
You may have forgotten about Lego, but today’s Lego is better than ever before, ranging from amazing Star Wars models to intricate, programmable Lego Mindstorms. Don’t fancy clearing up after? Check out Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga on iOS.

19. Play football in the road
Forget your local park, or that new 5-a-side court near your house – if you’re going to be a kid, the only place to play football is the road outside. And only when it’s busy.


20. Ask your neighbours if they want to come out and play
Need some more players for your football game? Invoke the spirit of your inner child, walk over to your neighbours, and invite them out to play for the afternoon. Failing that? Use the Find a Player app to get a game going.

21. Make homemade ice lollies
Ice lollies are really fun and easy to make at home, and you can make them much healthier too. Try blending a mixture of frozen fruit and greek yoghurt with a splash of honey for sweetness.


22. Find your old games consoles
Whether your video game childhood was Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario Bros or Pong, there’s every chance you might have an old console lying about. Dig it out and let the nostalgia fly!


23. …Or download an emulator
If your old consoles don’t work, don’t fret – you can find emulators for some consoles on mobile and on PC. Check out Emu Paradise to get started.


24. Find your old books
Who says that children’s books are just for children? Classic literature is suitable for anyone. Eyesight failing you? Download the Audible app and have Harry Potter read to you by the dulcet tones of Stephen Fry.

25. Find your local water park
Getting wet is something we get more and more unhappy about as we get older. Why? No-one knows. Hit up your local water park and embrace the wet stuff.


26. Or have a day out at the zoo
There aren’t as many zoos around nowadays, but those that have survived still make for a great day out. Off to London? Download London Zoo’s official app for maps, animal facts and more…

27. Bake some treats!
Having a bakery day with your kids is awesome fun and a perfect excuse to make a mess. Check out the Great British Bake Off app for loads of tips, tricks and recipes.

28. Eat with your hands
Cutlery… what’s that about? Just delays the whole process of enjoying your food. Loads of cultures around the world eat with their hands, maybe the kids had it right all along.


29. Swim in a lake
Rekindle those lazy childhood summer days by exploring some of Britain’s best wild swimming spots. Download the Wild Swimming Britain app to find the best, most scenic spots near you.

30. Create your own superhero
Feeling creative? Why not dream up the next Captain America or Iron Man? Check out Procreate (iPad and iPhone) to get sketching, and publish your story on Wattpad to see what the world thinks of your super-powered creation.

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