We're back again with our monthly round-up of the best new apps available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone!


There’s an ocean of apps out there and our smartphones are mighty thirsty. But how do you know which ones to download and which ones just aren’t worth your time? As ever, you can rely on us to help.

Every month we pick out the latest apps and freshest updates worthy of a spot on your home screen, ensuring that you’re only ever using the very best in mobile software. Looking for some hot downloads? Here’s our pick of June’s best new apps…

Relay | £1.49
Relay lets you create custom maps for your holidays, eliminating the need for clunky tourist maps and markers. Search for anywhere you want to see, and simply pin all your points of interest to your map before you leave. Relay will even automatically pull in useful notes and phone numbers too. Neat.
Download Relay for iOS

Sweatcoin | Free
Sweatcoin converts your movement into currency, which you can then spend in the app’s own store on anything from clothing and footwear, to fitness classes and charitable donations. So… Can you cheat? The app claims to have “the most sophisticated step-verification system on the planet,” but whatever the case it’s definitely a cool concept, and one which will only improve with time.
Download Sweatcoin for iOS

Spaces | Free
Google’s latest social app is aimed at small networks of people, rather than large scale ‘social networking’ as we know it. Spaces lets you create topics with a simple tap and then invite friends and family to the conversation, sharing anything you like in the group. Perfect for holiday planning, study groups and everything in between.
Download Spaces for Android

Bushido Bear | Free

Developers Spry Fox have already released a couple of excellent puzzlers in Triple Town and Alphabear, and Bushido Bear promises more of the same screen-swiping and tower defence action, as you and your bear companions protect your woodland home from hoards of evil demons. Think half Plants vs. Zombies and half Fruit Ninja, and you’ve got the idea.
Download Bushido Bear for iOS and Android

Mekorama | Free
Mekorama’s isometric charms are reminiscent of UsTwo’s award-winning Monument Valley, which is high praise indeed for such a low-budget indie title. Mekorama delivers on the gameplay front, with 50 puzzles to complete, but you can also design your own, and play through dioramas built by other players around the world. And all for free too!
Download Mekorama for iOS and Android

WRIO Keyboard | £2.49

Small smartphone keyboards can be a problem for some of us, and there’s usually a few typos to be ironed out in every long text. WRIO thinks it has the answer, with a much larger, hexagonal keyboard, which it claims will make your typing 20-70% faster! And it supports swipes, emojis and over 30 languages too.
Download WRIO Keyboard for iOS and Android

Dark Sky | Free
Like It’s Gonna Rain on Windows Phone, Dark Sky warns you when there’s a deluge of rain heading towards your position. Not only that, it also provides incredibly details forecasts too, as well as waking you up with friendly daily weather forecasts in the morning. Sure, there’s a £2.99 monthly subscription, but it’s worth it if you really care about the weather.
Download Dark Sky for Android

Tastemates | Free
Like Letterboxd, Tastemates is building a community of music, film and TV lovers, and encouraging them to share their recommendations. Tell the app what you’re really into, and it’ll connect you with other members who have similar tastes, and help you discover brand new bands, shows and films you’ve never seen before!
Download Tastemates for iOS and Android

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons | £2.49

Starbreeze Studios’ wonderful story-driven adventure has won more than 50 awards since it first debuted on PC, and now it’s finally available on Android too. Two sons set out on a journey to find the “Water of Life”, to heal their father before he dies, and must overcome challenges and puzzles together in order to complete their quest. Ground-breaking and emotional, Brothers is a must-play for any gamer.
Download Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for iOS and Android

Beme | Free
Beme is an app that lets you share your life through the lens of your smartphone camera via short video clips. Only difference is there’s no editing, no filters, and no reviewing your footage. In fact, the first time you see your video will be when it’s been shared with the world. And a cool little bonus – you can reply to people’s videos with your own reaction videos too!
Download Beme for iOS and Android

Facebook Messenger | Free
Another month, another important app that finally comes to Windows Phone! This time it’s Facebook Messenger making the leap, and it features a new, cleaner user interface than its Android and iOS equivalents, while there’s also new features like support for GIFs and theme colours too.
Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

CCPlayer Pro | £1.49
Looking for a powerful video player for your Windows Phone? CCPlayer Pro is the app for you. Not only does it support a wide range of video file types, it’s also beautifully designed, mirroring the new aesthetics of Windows 10 on mobile. It packs some nice bonus features too, including a flip to pause function, and pop-up windows in the corners that allow you to quickly switch between videos.
Download CCPlayer Pro for Windows Phone

Viber | Free

Facebook Messenger isn’t the only communication platform to arrive on Windows this month; popular Skype alternative Viber has also followed suit. Alongside all the features you know and love – live voice calls and text messaging – Viber also brings end-to-end encryption to its Windows Phone app, along with the functionality to have up to 200 contacts in a single chat!
Download Viber for Windows Phone

Hacked? | Free
Simple but effective, Hacked keeps a close eye on any email addresses you want protecting and alerts you as soon as any of them have been compromised. All you have to do is enter the email address you want monitored, and Hacked will watch them in the background, checking them constantly against the industry-trusted “haveibeenpwned” database.
Download Hacked? for Windows Phone

OneLocker | £3.09
As our online passwords need to get safer and more complex, it’s becoming almost impossible to remember them all. That’s where OneLocker comes in – it’s literally one locker for all of your sensitive information, whether that’s passwords, financial information or contacts. The Windows 10 update has been given a nice redesign, and features 256-bit AES encryption, as well as OneDrive backup support.
Download OneLocker for Windows Phone

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