Happy Geek Pride Day everyone! We’ve pulled together some of our favourite bits of geek culture from the web, so you can embrace your inner geek...


Happy Geek Pride Day everyone! This is the tenth anniversary of this international celebration of all things nerdy, and Geek Pride Day has come many light years in that short space of time. What started as a small gathering in the centre of Madrid has become a worldwide movement, with parades and celebrations in cities across the globe.

Want to get involved? We’ve pulled together some of our favourite bits of geek culture from the big, wide world of the mobile web – from blogs and podcasts to TV and games – so you can embrace your inner geek. Take a look!


Nerdist Podcast
The Nerdist Podcast is the biggest, and still the best, podcast for geek culture vultures. Hosted by Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick, the episodes are often well over an hour long, packed full of interesting and topical chat and the show often attracts high profile celebs, including the likes of Joss Whedon, Benedict Cumberbatch and William Shatner.

Superhero Movie Scores playlist
Love a good comic book movie? We’ve seen Marvel and DC Comics bring the likes of Batman, Superman and The Avengers to the big screen over the last few years, each one with stunning orchestral soundtracks. And now here they are: all in one handy place for you to imbibe wherever you are.

Geek Inspiration playlist
This brilliant Geek Inspiration playlist on Spotify is packed with classic geek culture music, from retro and contemporary sci-fi television and movie scores, to Pixar soundtracks and even music from videogames like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and The Elder Scrolls.


Shut Up & Sit Down

The gents at Shut Up & Sit Down are the authority when it comes to board games. Alongside an excellent podcast and blog, they make some especially brilliant board game review videos, many of which feature our friend Matt Lees.

Revenge of the Nerds
Nerds vs. jocks is the eternal struggle of American college life, and no film has framed that better than 1984’s Revenge of the Nerds. When best friends and fellow geeks Lewis Skolnick and Gilbert Lowe enrol in college, they soon manage to provoke the ire of the Alpha Beta fraternity, with hilarious repercussions…

The Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory is into its ninth season now, but it remains the gold standard for nerd culture sitcoms. Log into Netflix and you’ll find every episode from seasons 1-8 right there, perfect for a bit of evening Geek Pride Day TV.


Discworld Collection
The world mourned the sad death of Sir Terry Pratchett last year, but his brilliant novels live on. The Discworld series is a hilarious, thought-provoking set of comic fantasy stories that everyone should read at some point in their lives. So, why not start now? Every book in the collection is now available on Kindle, which means you can grab them on your phone via the Kindle app.

With 5 O’s and no apologies, Kabooooom’s awesome team of writers regularly rant and rave about comics, movies, TV and everything in between. Head over to the blog for up to date news and reviews, or follow them on Instagram for their brilliant Insta-reviews!

Comic Booked
Whilst Kabooooom tackles a wide range of geek culture, Comic Booked goes in-depth on the comic book side of things. You’ll find another great team of writers here, along with daily opinion columns, up to date news from the comic book world, and an active community of comic book fans.


Space Age

This gorgeous, pixelated space adventure mixes retro-gaming roots with a grand, atmospheric soundtrack and clever writing. Space Age follows a small group of intergalactic colonists who land on a seemingly-uninhabited planet called Kepler-16, but they soon discover that this place is strangely familiar, and not what it seems.

Faster Than Light

FTL is an award-winning spaceship simulation, and it’s now playable on iPad (though you’ll need an iPad 2 or later to run it). Your mission is to rendezvous with a friendly rebel fleet, but the expanse of space in between is unknown, and fraught with danger. What do you you do when you’re ambushed by an enemy ship, or a nearby solar flare takes down your shields? Will you be armed to the teeth, or do you want to max out your shield systems? Make your decisions carefully, because each jump from system to system could be your last.


EpicWin takes your chores and transforms them into quests. Did you just do the dishes? Hand that quest in, and your in-game character will earn experience and gold, and maybe even some top-notch loot too. Doing chores has never been less of a chore. As EpicWin-creators Supermono say, “doing the laundry is an epic feat of stamina, so why not get stamina points for it?”

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