Got someone asking you what they should get as their next smartphone? We've got you covered: here's our full-proof guide to choosing between our new Vodafone Smart handsets...

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If you’re here, chances are you’re fairly tech savvy. You’re probably the kind of person your friends turn to when it comes time for them to upgrade, asking your advice on what’s hot and which smartphone they should pick up. Sound familiar? Then allow us to make that job easier.

Today we’re launching a duo of top notch Vodafone-branded smartphones – the Vodafone Smart prime 7 and Smart first 7 – each one designed for a different type of mobile user, and each one packed with impressively high specs for the price.

So how can they make your life easier? Simple: follow our simple guide and the next time a friend or family member asks you which phone they should get, you’ll know exactly where to point them. And the best news is there’s only one step: just answer this simple question…

Q. What kind of person needs a new phone?



Just click an answer above and we’ll take you to the right phone. It’s that easy!

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