Want to squeeze more life from your smartphone? Here's a slew of top battery cases and packs to keep you powering on longer...

Just before Christmas 2015, Apple threw its hat into the battery case ring by unveiling an iPhone 6s protector that also hides 1,877mAh (Milliamp Hours) of extra juice. That’s up to 25 hours in normal hours, making the case a great way to add extra time to your phone’s daily lifespan, but if a longer charge is your priority when you’re out and about, Apple’s case far from the only way to go.

Looking to bolster your smartphone battery’s longevity? Here’s a smattering of the best battery cases and packs to consider…

iPhone battery cases

Android phone battery cases

What is mAh?

mAh stands for Milliamp Hour, and it’s the term used to measure the lifespan of your battery, based on it theoretically drawing constant power. The higher the number, the longer your battery life, but it all depends on how much power your device actually drawers while it’s switched on. Broadly speaking, smartphone batteries tend to be between 1,000-3,000mAh, with things like screen size and camera use having the biggest effect.


Battery packs

If your phone isn’t on the list or you simply want a more versatile option, then a separate battery pack is the way to go. Here are our picks…

Will we ever stop having to recharge? Stay tuned to Vodafone Social for an in-depth look into the science of tomorrow’s smartphone batteries.