We're back again with our monthly round-up of the best new apps available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone!


With thousands of new apps released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone every month, finding the best ones is never an easy task. So that’s where we come in.

Every month we scour the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store for all the latest and greatest apps, and pick out five essential downloads on each platform. So, without further ado, here are our picks for May…

Apps like Swype and Swiftkey have made it just as easy for many of us to type on a phone as it is on a computer, but it can still be awkward for bloggers to get posts up quickly and easily on mobile. The Blogo app plugs straight into WordPress, Medium and Blogger, as well as syncing with Evernote, and brings a fantastic clean interface to the table, along with built-in image editor, a live preview function, and offline mode too! A saving grace for bloggers on the go.
Download Blogo for iOS

As a free video editor for iPhone and iPad, Videorama may not be professional movie making software, but it’s still very powerful and more than capable of producing high quality videos on the go. As you put together your masterpiece you can preview everything in real time, as well is overlaying text, music and stitching together video in full 1080p HD. Perfect for Vine and Instagram fanatics.
Download Videorama for iOS

Shoom Synthesizer
Shoom Synthesizer is one of the most in-depth music-makers on mobile, bringing three independent synthesizers together to give you a massive palette of professional level features to work with. Not only is it packed to the gunnels with functionality, it really looks the part too, and you can even import and export projects between Shoom and other programmes, letting you fiddle with your existing tracks on the go.
Download Shoom Synthesizer for iOS

Aurora – Podcast Discovery
Always on the lookout for the best new podcasts? Aurora is a perfect way to find them. The app is home to thousands of great podcasts, documentaries and more, all curated by a dedicated team of real humans. As you start to follow and listen to your favourites, Aurora will take note, and recommend new shows based on what you like, improving as you use the app more and more.
Download Aurora – Podcast Discovery for iOS

State of Play has made some stunningly beautiful games for mobile over the years – the studio deservedly won a BAFTA for 2014’s Lumino City, for instance – and INKS only takes that ethos one step further. The gameplay may be simple pinball, but as you ping your ball around the table your targets will explode into a splash of colour, painting the canvas as you play.
Download INKS. for iOS

The Rock Clock
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson does not lack for motivation, and he’s clearly not a man who’s ever chosen to sleep in instead of hitting the gym on a Sunday morning. The good news? His new app is designed to light the same fire under you. The Rock Clock is all about getting up early every day and shooting for your goals, so unsurprisingly there’s no snooze button. Instead, the app will wake you up via 25 motivational ringtones personally recorded by Dwayne himself.
Download The Rock Clock for iOS and Android

A beautifully crafted RSS reader for Android, Quote might well become your reader of choice if you give it a chance. Its clean, minimal UI is gorgeous, but underneath that fresh exterior is all the functionality you could want, including readability support, offline caching of articles and images, full-screen mode and easy gesture controls that let you open, close and switch between articles with simple swipes.
Download Quote for Android

Heading off on your holidays soon? Linguee is effectively a multiple language dictionary bundled into an app, which makes finding the right word easier than ever. Compiled by over 400 lexicographers, Linguee features dictionaries for French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and many more, complete with audio pronunciation for each word and easy quick search functionality to find the word you’re after. You can even download dictionaries for offline use!
Download Linguee for iOS and Android

Movesum is a step counter from the same people that brought us the excellent fitness app Lifesum, only simpler and more accessible for those who are just starting on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. The latest update doesn’t just count steps, but makes it quick and easy to work out how far you need to walk, based on what you’ve eaten. How many steps does it take to burn that chocolate bar you just scoffed? Movesum has the answer.
Download Movesum for iOS and Android

Angry Birds Action
The gaming arm of the Angry Birds franchise is back to celebrate the release of the Angry Birds movie, and the goal is the same as ever – you have one shot to rack up as many points as possible. This time, instead of the usual side-scrolling gameplay, Angry Birds Action goes top down, pinball style, and challenges you to ping your bird of choice around ramps, rails and bumpers to get that high-score. As ever, Angry Birds provides simple, joyously addictive fun.
Download Angry Birds Action for iOS and Android

We’re still waiting for the likes of Snapchat and Periscope to bring official apps to the Windows Store, but at least the waiting is over for Instagram fans. After a short beta period, the Windows Phone Instagram app is live and in full on the store, and it’s on parity with the Android and iOS equivalents with all the features you’d expect
Download Instagram for Windows Phone

It’s Gonna Rain
It’s Gonna Rain scans the latest radar images around the world to alert you when there’s storms-a-comin. You can check the radar maps yourself if you like, and even take a look at a reliable ten day forecast, but the beauty of IGR is in it’s simplicity – all you have to do is install it, and it’ll buzz you with a half hour warning of incoming rain, along with an estimation of how heavy it’ll be.
Download It’s Gonna Rain for Windows Phone

Hive Home
If you’re installed with British Gas’ Hive home automation, you’ll be glad to hear there’s now a Windows Phone app to go with it! The app works with every part of your automated home, letting you switch things on and off remotely, adjust your heating and even notifying you if a window or door sensor has been triggered. There’s also a holiday mode, where you can tell your Hive app when you’ll be away; it’ll look after the house in your absence and make sure you come back to a warm welcome.
Download Hive Home for Windows Phone


Groove Music
Groove has been around for a while now, and it remains a fantastic way of streaming your music from OneDrive to any Windows device. But the app has just undergone a huge update for Windows 10, making it much cleaner – matching the design of the desktop app – as well as making it much faster to react to missing tracks in your library. Best of all for those music library custodians among you, Groove is better than ever at automatically grabbing all the necessary metadata as soon as you import new music.
Download Groove Music for Windows Phone

Retro gamers amongst you may remember Tyrian – a cult-classic vertical scrolling shooter released for PC and MS-DOS back in 1995 – fondly. Well, it’s back, and it’s been faithfully recreated for Windows Phone. OpenTyrian is frantic and exhilarating, seeing you control your spaceship with simple taps and swipes to avoid enemy fire whilst blasting your own weapons back at them. There’s even a compelling story, which is good going for a 90s scrolling shooter! Definitely worth a download.
Download OpenTyrian for Windows Phone

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