Earth Day 2016 is all about planting trees, but if you don’t have room for a tree, there’s lots you can do to make your mark, starting with these nine apps…


Ever since 1970, the annual Earth Day event has been focused on encouraging us all to make environmentally friendly changes in our lives.

This year, Earth Day is starting its goal of planting 7.8 billion trees around the world to provide more clean air and combat climate change. But even if you don’t have room for a tree, there’s lots you can do to make your mark, starting with these nine apps…

1. JouleBug

Sustainable living doesn’t have to be a drag. JouleBug rewards you with points and virtual prizes whenever you do something good for the environment, whether it’s cycling to work or reusing your shopping bags instead of grabbing plastic ones. Set it up with your friends and you can even get some friendly competition going, all whilst reducing your waste and lowering your energy bills.
Download JouleBug for iOS and Android

2. GoodGuide

Do you worry how ethical and environmentally friendly your weekly shopping is? GoodGuide catalogues and rates a massive database of 250,000 products, and their in-house science team rates each item for its health, environmental and ethical impact out of 10. All you have to do is scan the barcode on the back of the product, and you can stay green whilst you shop!
Download GoodGuide for iOS and Android

3. WWF Together

WWF’s official app is a perfect window into the work being done by the charity, and features a range of case studies surrounding some of the world’s most endangered species, complete with stunning photography and video. This year, WWF has teamed up with Earth Day and Apple to create a new story for the Earth itself, with all in-app purchases going towards the WWFs important conservation work.
Download WWF Together for iOS and Android


4. Liftshare

Carpooling makes so much sense on so many levels – you’re not just saving your own pounds, you’re saving the Earth too! Liftshare is an excellent network for willing carpoolers, and makes it dead simple to find a lift… Or to offer one. Register with the app and tell people where you’re going to and where you’re coming from and that’s it – the app handles the rest, including live notifications and fuel money transfers.
Download Liftshare for iOS and Android

5. #Climate

#Climate harnesses the power of social media as a catalyst for change, pulling together all the work being done by fantastic organisations to stop climate change, and bringing it to your fingertips in a single app. You can browse through current projects and when you find one you like you can get behind it straight away by joining that organisation from the app, as well as helping to spread the word via social media.
Download #Climate for iOS

6. Green Kitchen

Although being vegetarian doesn’t necessarily make you more earth-conscious, eating meat every day is not regarded as being ecologically sustainable, so we could all do the planet a favour by working more vegetarian food into our diets. Green Kitchen is a fantastic source of inspiration for vegetarian recipes, and it’s a quality app in its own right – tidy, beautifully designed and littered with sharp, high resolution photography.
Download Green Kitchen for iOS

7. NASA Earth As Art

NASA has been photographing the Earth from space since the 1960s, and now all those incredible images are available through the Earth As Art app. As you might imagine, NASA’s satellites are capable of capturing light outside of our visible range, which means that many of these images reveal things that the naked eye would never be able to see, unveiling the true beauty of the Earth.
Download NASA Earth As Art for iOS


8. Dropcountr

Do you use way more water than you need to? Dropcountr could help you find out. Link the app to your water supplier account and Dropcountr will track your current water consumption by the day, week and month, suggesting a reasonable water budget for you to work towards. It’ll even notify you of any important local information like droughts, hosepipe bans and leaks.
Download Dropcountr for iOS

9. Oroeco

Did you decide to drive to work instead of cycling? Oroeco can tell you exactly how all of your actions connect directly to climate change, and the app will encourage you to make more environmentally conscious choices, whether that’s regarding your travel, diet or your home energy. And as your daily decisions gradually become more eco-friendly, Oroeco’s fantastic carbon footprint calculator can tell you exactly the impact you’re having on the Earth’s wellbeing.
Download Oreoco for iOS and Android

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