We've scoured the app stores for this month's essential downloads on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Come and take a look!


There are thousands of new apps released every month, but the best ones aren’t always easy to find. Fear not: Vodafone Social is on hand to guide you through.

As usual, we’ve been scouring the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store for all the latest and greatest apps for this month. Interested? Take a look below for our essential April downloads…

Some of you may already use Letterboxd via the fantastic web app, and if so, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s finally made the jump to mobile! In essence, Letterboxd is a social network for film lovers of all ages and preferred genres. Download, log in and the app will let you browse films that are out currently, as well as those due for release in the coming months. And once you start making some friends you can see what they’ve been watching recently and read their latest film reviews.
Download Letterboxd for iOS

CD Scanner for Spotify
Desperate for an easier way of importing your extensive CD collection into Spotify? Here’s the answer: download CD Scanner, start scanning the barcodes on your CDs via your phone camera and the app will automatically add them to your Spotify account, ready for you to move into all your playlists. Simple and effective.
Download CD Scanner for Spotify for iOS

Great Italian Chefs
Following on from the outstanding Great British Chefs app, Great Italian Chefs is a beautiful encyclopedia of Italian food, collated by a collection of chefs sharing 37 Michelin stars between them! Recipes range from the simple to extremely complex, but what makes Great Italian Chefs really excellent is the attention to detail – the images are crisp, you can toggle between metric and imperial measurements with a simple tap, and save all your favourite recipes to your own binder for safe keeping.
Download Great Italian Chefs for iOS


Skram developers Liine are experts when it comes to electronic music – the likes of Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails and Deadmau5 have used their tools before – and Skram is a welcome addition to the lineup. It’s great fun to just mess around with but don’t be fooled: Skram is a proper music maker for iPad, giving you access to a massive range of tools to create your own soaring electro soundscapes.
Download Skram for iOS

Nintendo has finally made its big splash on mobile with Miitomo – a fun communication app that lets you chat with your friends via your virtual ‘Mii’ character. First, jump into the app and create your Mii (complete with costume and personality options), and then send them off into the world to chat, take photos and play mini-games against your friends. It’s already packed full of classic Nintendo charm, and we expect there are plenty of new features in the works too.
Download Miitomo for iOS and Android

Apple recently added a feature called Night Shift to the latest build of iOS, which alters the colour palette of your display after dark, making it less harmful to your sleep in the process. Well, F.lux does exactly the same thing for Android, automatically removing the blue light from your display and returning it to normal in the morning. It’s currently only available in beta, but stay tuned for a full release very shortly.
Download F.lux for Android

Drupe is already a popular phonebook app on Android, but it got a serious update this month. The app has just been loaded with new communication options, so now you can choose to call or message people via Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook Messenger and more, as well as keeping notes for all your contacts and providing a bunch of shortcuts to get you in touch with people more seamlessly than ever before.
Download Drupe for Android

Hulu VR
You’ll need a Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 or Note 5 for this, alongside the Samsung Gear VR, but if you’ve got the hardware then we definitely recommend you give Hulu’s software a go. Imagine sitting on your own in a pitch black movie theatre with just the big screen for company, and you’re not far off the experience of Hulu VR. Interested? Strap on your Gear VR and head over to the Oculus Store to download it.
Find out more about Hulu VR here, and download from the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR

Super Arc Light
This minimalist radial shooter mobile game comes from Glasgow-based No Code Studios – developers who’ve worked on big budget games like Alien: Isolation in the past – and mixes the fast-paced action of Geometry Wars with the twitchy gameplay of Super Hexagon. Defend your base from increasingly vast waves of enemies and survive for as long as you can, all whilst taking down enemies with speed and precision for that new high score.
Download Super Arc Light for iOS and Android

The rise of health and fitness apps for mobile hasn’t just addressed physical health, but also mental health. Remente is one of the best of those to date, and lets you log a number of things that may affect your stress and happiness – including your finances, relationships, health and more – and then gives you suggestions to help you reach your goals and improve your mental wellbeing. There are also training programmes in leadership, decision-making, time management and more for premium subscribers.
Download Remente for iOS and Android

Fenice has always been a solid Twitter client for Windows Phone, but now it’s been redesigned from the ground up for Windows 10 it’s easily one of the best you’ll find on the platform. It’s definitely one of the best looking clients on Windows 10, and it’s packed with unique features too, including predictive hashtag suggestions, easy connectivity with apps like Pocket, Instapaper and Soundcloud, and automatic streamed updates of all your feeds.
Download Fenice

Photo Shader
Photo Shader has been around for years now, but it’s the latest app to undergo a significant update for Windows 10, meaning it’s well worth a look if you’re after snappy photo editor. The user-friendly interface makes Photo Shader a great choice for those who don’t want to be overwhelmed with options, but there’s a deep enough range of effects and filters to interest casual and dedicated users. Definitely worth a download.
Download Photo Shader

Like to keep bang up to date with technology? Engadget is one of the world’s most well-respected tech sites, and its new Windows Phone app is a superb way to browse the entire site and stay abreast of all the latest in the world of tech. All of the site’s news, reviews and video content is available through the app, and with support for notifications and live tiles as well, you’ll never miss a thing.
Download Engadget

LastPass Authenticator
LastPass is an excellent 1Password equivalent for Windows Phone – a password manager that saves your passwords securely and lets you access them from anywhere, meaning you can make them as complex as you like and never have to worry about forgetting them. Just to make the whole system even more secure, LastPass has recently added this separate two-factor authentication app, making it virtually impossible for anyone other than you to get at your precious passwords. Neat.
Download LastPass Authenticator

Tiki Taka Football
Tiki Taka – the fast, one-touch style of the beautiful game made famous by Barcelona – has now arrived on Windows Phone. Built specifically to be played with touchscreen controls, Tiki Taka lets you string together awesome, flowing football as you take on all comers. The action isn’t just on the pitch, though – your job is to create a team and manage it, which includes buying and selling players and hiring staff, too. A must-play for footy fans.
Download Tiki Taka Football

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