It's time for a spring clean! Here are some apps that’ll freshen things up a little bit, and help you have a clear out of house, phone and mind this spring.


As we all emerge from what has been a long, dark and cold winter, it’s about time for a little spring clean. Of course these days it isn’t just our houses that need sprucing up – our phones and tablets could use a good tidy as well.

Bits of unnecessary junk will build up on our phones over time – downloads, cached files, clipboard content, phone logs – and it’s important to have a regular clean of your phone to keep everything running smoothly. Just like your house, really. Here are some apps that’ll freshen things up a little bit, and help you have a clear out of house, phone and mind this spring.

A cleaner home
You’ve been hibernating all winter, and now your house needs a serious deep clean to get it looking respectable again. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. Download Hassle and you can book yourself a trusted cleaner to come in and handle the lot for you at a very reasonable price. With London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham already part of the network, and more cities coming in the future, who said you can’t be productive whilst you’re bingeing on NOW TV box sets?
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TaskRabbit has only landed in London as of yet, but it’s the perfect way to lighten your load. TaskRabbit lets you book all sorts of helpful people to come to your aid, whether it be removal men, cleaners, handymen, gardeners… You can even hire someone to wait in line for you at busy shops! Best of all, TaskRabbit puts all its helpers through an extensive vetting process and every bit of work is insured up to $1 million, so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your chores are being done whilst you put your feet up.
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TaskRabbit will find you a helper for almost anything!

We all need to have a good clear out now and again, whether it’s clothes we don’t fit into anymore, Christmas presents we forgot to return or that weird drinks mixology set you convinced yourself you were going to use. Shpock is the perfect way to find a new home for anything you think is worth a bit of money: just upload photos of your items with a description and a price, and anyone local to you can have a look and contact you if they’re interested – a bit like a digital car boot sale. Naturally, it’s also a great place to find bargains.
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Looking for an easier way to clear out your old CDs, DVDs, and video games, rather than listing them all individually on Shpock or eBay? All you have to do with musicMagpie is enter the barcodes on all your stuff, and the app will give you an instant price in return! Attach the postage label, send off all your clutter and hey presto: your shelves are a little less crowded, your bank balance a little bit healthier. musicMagpie will even buy your old electronics, so if you’ve got a couple of smartphones lying around you could add those to the package too.
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Determined to get it all done yourself? Chorma is a clean and simple to-do list for all your chores. Enlist the help of your housemates or family members by getting them to download the app, and Chorma will sync all your tasks together, assigning them evenly between you. And if everyone does their bit, the house will be ship-shape in no time. Even better, Chorma awards points for every task completed on time, and these points can go towards rewards such as a meal out for the whole group, or individual goodies too.
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A cleaner phone

Phone feeling a bit sluggish? CCleaner is a brilliant way of keeping your Android smartphone in good health. Start off the spring clean by clearing out unnecessary junk like cached data, download files and browser history. Then you can start reclaiming some of that precious storage space by looking at how much room certain apps are taking up and removing those that you don’t need anymore. If you haven’t done anything like this in the last year, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results. And if that’s not enough, CCleaner even has a built in activity monitor so you can keep a watchful eye on your CPU activity, RAM, internal storage space and more.
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Shpock is a perfect way to clear out some old bits and bobs…

Battery Doctor
Battery problems are an inevitability after a year or two of heavy smartphone use, but Battery Doctor has a few useful tricks up its sleeve to help you get through the day with juice to spare. You’ll find a clean interface sitting atop a deep set of options that’ll allow you to switch on and off almost everything in your phone. Battery Doctor will actually give you tips on the best things to adjust, too, in order to squeeze out the extra bit of battery life that you need. Plus, installing Battery Doctor also enables the app’s unique ‘three-step charging phase’, which will prolong the life of your battery over the long haul – perfect for putting a spring back in your phone’s step.
Download Battery Doctor for iOS and Android

Z Launcher Beta
Bored of just swiping and tapping your way around stock Android? There are loads of great custom launchers available on Google Play but this one, courtesy of Nokia, is the most interesting of the bunch. Z Launcher learns how you use your phone throughout the day, so it’ll put shortcuts to your favourite apps on your dashboard at exactly the moment you normally need them. If you need something else, just scribble the first letter of the app you want on your display, and Z Launcher will pull up a relevant list, letting you tap straight into what you need with minimal faffing. Neat, tidy, simple.
Download Z Launcher Beta for Android

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