Seen the news? The new Apple iPhone SE has just been made official. But what do the web's biggest tech experts have to say about the miniature marvel?

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Well, well, well… Apple’s just bucked one of the biggest trends in mobile by releasing a brand new phone with a display smaller than 5-inches: the new Apple iPhone SE. At just 4-inches, and with a design not dissimilar to the classic iPhone 5 and 5s, the Apple iPhone SE is one of the smallest flagship devices out there in 2016. But it’s no slouch in the spec department.

Apple’s imbued the new iPhone with some top end tech, including the A9 processor found in Apple’s iPhone 6s, Touch ID for security and for making payments with Apple Pay, as well as Apple’s brilliant 12-Megapixel iSight camera. But what do those in the know think about this miniature marvel? Read on to find out…

Apple iPhone SE: Hands-on reviews and first impressions

“Notably, it looks and feels just like the iPhone 5s before it. It didn’t get slimmer, or more round, but we kind of dig it. There’s something novel about maintaining a tried-and-true design motif while overhauling everything within.”

The Verge
“Usually, getting a small phone has meant getting a phone that skimps on power or on the camera (or, most likely, both). That’s absolutely not the case with the iPhone SE. It feels every bit as fast and modern as an iPhone 6S, able to move quickly through screens and web pages. Obviously we weren’t able to test the camera very extensively, but we can say that it launches quickly and takes photos just as fast.”

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The Telegraph
“It’s a clever way of repackaging the features consumers like – Apple Pay, Live Photos, improved camera – in a popular pre-existing form, and there’s little doubt in my mind it’ll prove extremely popular. For £379, there are few phones with as impressive specs for the same price that spring to mind. The iPhone SE is swift, powerful, and is the first smaller handset I’ve used in a long time when it doesn’t feel as though compromises are being made.”

“As much as I like the iPhone 6S’s curves (which harken back to the iPod Fifth Gen), I always loved the iPhone 5 and 5S’s sharp lines, aluminium band and chamfered edges. Holding the iPhone SE was like reconnecting with an old friend.”

“Lovers of the 4-inch display should rejoice – you won’t have to buy an older device just to retain the slightly smaller size of this smartphone. You’ll be able to palm this device, just as you used to. You’ll be able to use the newest in new apps without worrying about your inability to upgrade to the newest version of iOS – not that that’s happened yet to the iPhone 5s, but still: it’s nice to feel like you’re in this for the long haul.”

“Large swathes of the smartphone-buying public have lamented the industry trend towards bigger and bigger handsets. Sure, they’re fine for watching Netflix, but what about when you need to send a message and you only have one hand free? If the 4.7-inch iPhone 6S is too large for your palms then the iPhone SE could be just what you need.”

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“What’s there to say, really? If you loved the iPhone 5s — as I and apparently many others did — the iPhone SE will feel like a compelling blend of old and new. For once, we’re getting a small iPhone that doesn’t feel like a second-class device.”

Up to date? Apple also just announced a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which will be coming soon to Vodafone UK along with the iPhone SE.

More, more, more… The iPhone SE will be landing at Vodafone UK soon, so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, check out our in-depth look into the future of phone screen sizes here.