The Easter holidays are almost here, but how are you going to fill your time with all those days off work? Never fear: we're here with a roundup that'll see you through in fine style...

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Four glorious days off work! With an unrivalled spell of free time, Good Friday and Easter Monday provide us with arguably the best long weekend of the year – but what are you going to do with all that lovely spare time?

Never fear: Vodafone Social’s here with a roundup of what to watch, listen to, download and do on your 96 hour reprieve. Ready for the ultimate weekend? Read on…


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Let’s get things off to a super start, in more ways than one. Pour yourself a mid-morning coffee and delve into Marvel’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on NOW TV – the broadcast television arm of the multifaceted Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s an excellent stop-gap before Captain America: Civil War opens in cinemas next month, and the first two seasons are available to stream at your leisure. Don’t get too involved, though… We’ve got lots more to do today.


There’s no better reason to feel good on a Friday than having the day off. This relentlessly upbeat Spotify-made playlist – with everything from Stevie Wonder to Blink 182 present and correct – will help you make the most of your stellar mood.


You may already have the world’s biggest cab app installed (if you don’t you’re missing out), but are you using it to its fullest? Over the past year Uber’s added a swathe of new features that make it more powerful than ever. These days you can split your fare, choose what music to play (from Spotify), share your journey’s progress with whomever’s waiting for you, and even organise to carpool with other Uber users to save cash – all at the touch of the button. This arsenal of extras makes Uber a tour de force for big nights out.

Saturday Night
Ready to hit the town? You’ve still got two days off ahead of you to recover. Spotify’s Saturday Night playlist has your back, and is waiting to whip you and your friends into a frenzy. Or why not fire up Spotify Party and control the mood yourself?


This playlist by SpinGrey is the perfect soundtrack to a Sunday spent chilling out around the house, offering up smooth, lazy tunes that’ll make the day stretch out forever. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, catching up on some life admin or merely lounging about, there’s six hours of music to match your mood on offer.



Sort out your media
Don’t just sit and wallow; use your last drop of time this evening productively by finally sorting out all those movies, TV shows and songs on your hard drive. Fear not: it’s really easy. Download the Plex server app to your home’s main computer or laptop, point it to your files and it’ll automatically find artwork, plot synopsis and episode information for everything you have. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to stream all your stuff to any phone, tablet or smart TV with the Plex app. All for free!

Bank Holiday Morning
With the long weekend coming to a close and the weather taking a turn for the worst, you’ve got every right to feel a little melancholy. This aptly-named playlist plays up to that, proffering three hours of low-key indie as a backdrop to a rainy day at home.

Phew… What a jam packed weekend. But there’s still plenty to watch and listen to on your mobile. Here’s the best of what’s new to stream in March.