We go behind-the-scenes with our competition winner Adam Heasman, as he flew out to Paris for the Preview Screening of Daredevil Season 2!


Recently, we brought you a behind-the-scenes look at series two of Marvel’s Daredevil – the latest season to come from Netflix’s hugely successful partnership with Marvel Comics. As part of that piece we offered one lucky competition winner the chance to head out to the Daredevil Season 2 Preview Screening in Paris, to meet the stars of the show as well as soak up some of the local sights.

Our winner was Adam Heasman, and we’ve caught up with him to find out just what happens at a star-studded premiere…

“One of the best things I’ve ever been to!”

“The whole thing was fantastic!” says Adam. “I’d never been to Paris properly – we went through it once on a school trip to Euro Disney when I was 16! – but this was my first chance to see the city properly. We were only there for 24 hours so we ran around quite a lot, and managed to see everything!

“I’ve actually been to a couple of premieres over the years,” he continues, “but I have to say this was certainly the best. It was one of the best things I’ve ever been to!

“The cast were really lovely – they made time to come over and talk to us. From my experience at similar events, often the stars just get shuffled in and then shuffled out again. But that wasn’t the case with the Daredevil cast at all; theyjust came over and chatted to us! It was all very friendly and informal.”

But that was just the beginning of the evening. Before the small matter of an early look at the first two episodes of Daredevil season 2, there was a Q&A session with the cast as well:

“I got to ask a question to the cast,” says Adam. “I asked who their heroes were when they were kids. Charlie Cox (Daredevil’s ‘Matt Murdock’) said when he was a kid it was all about football, so Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry were his heroes. He once went for dinner in New York, and as he sat down he realised the two of them were sat in the restaurant – he couldn’t talk for the duration of the meal! Jon Bernthal (Daredevil’s ‘Frank Castle’) said his Dad was his hero, and Elodie (Yung, Daredevil’s ‘Elektra’) said her Mum was her hero, which sort of put Charlie’s answer into perspective!”


Any premiere would have been a fantastic experience, but for Marvel-fan Adam, seeing Daredevil before the general public was particularly amazing. Although Marvel’s Daredevil was his favourite series from last year, Matt Murdock himself isn’t his favourite character from the universe – that award goes to a season 2 newcomer…

“I’m a big Elektra fan, actually!” he says. “I grew up with Marvel comics, and Elektra has always been a character I thought was really cool, so I’m really excited that she’s going to be a part of the new series.

“Elodie Yung is a really great casting for Elektra, I think,” he adds. “She’s absolutely adorable, but she looks like she can really kick some ass too!”

“The first two episodes are so good…”

So, what about the show itself? Being careful to avoid spoilers, we asked Adam what he thought of season 2 so far…

“I’m just waiting to be able to watch the rest of it!” he laughs. “The first two episodes are so good, they do a fantastic job of refreshing you on what happened in season 1 without taking too long to set the scene. Season 1 was pretty violent and unapologetic, and season 2 jumps straight in where the show left off in that sense!”

“I think Netflix and Marvel have been on-point with their shows, to be honest,” says Adam in closing. “Jessica Jones was spectacularly good, and unexpected because you didn’t think they would tackle some of the storylines that they did. It’s definitely a good time to be on Netflix!”

Excited? Daredevil season 2 arrives on Netflix today!. You can nab yourself a subscription when you sign up to a Red Value Bundle before the end of March – find out more here!