Has House of Cards given you a lust for power? With the fourth season launching on Netflix today, here's our pick of the best apps to help you take over the world...

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Fancy yourself as a bit of a Frank Underwood? With House of Cards coming back to Netflix for its fourth season this week (from 4 March), there’s never been a better time to embrace your inner evil.

Like Frank, we know you’re a ruthless ladder-climber who’ll do anything it takes to get to the top. You’re a leader, not a follower, and you have your eyes set squarely on the grand prize: world domination. But how will you get there? Well, these apps certainly aren’t a bad place to start…


A world leader’s got to know how to prioritise and get things done. Available on almost every mobile platform known to mankind, Wunderlist is a to-do list at its most basic, and a life-changing organisation tool at its most complex. You can add jobs, assign people to tasks, chat things through and even use hashtags to separate tasks into easily-searchable groups.

Civilization Revolution 2
Rising the ranks and becoming the ruler of a whole planet isn’t an easy task, so don’t go making mistakes with dodgy, untried decisions. Instead, put your tactics to the test in this pocket-sized version of Sid Meier’s classic Civilization game, which streamlines the globe-conquering experience for mobile while still keeping the depth that fans of the series love.

Like Civilization Revolution 2, this is a mobile-friendly version of a strategy fan favourite, only this time the inspiration is a board game – Settlers of Catan. Have you got what it takes to reign over everything the light touches? Play against up to three friends to find out.

Stick with us on this one. While you might think Snapchat has more use among friends than global leaders, it’s the perfect tool for keeping time-poor politicians abreast of world news. With the likes of CNN and Yahoo! News on the chat platform, each one broadcasting bite-sized, digestible info throughout the day, Snapchat’s arguably the quickest way to stay up to date.

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Taking over the world is going to take time, so why not start small – with somewhere manageable – and work your way outwards? For example, if you check into your local coffee shop on Foursquare more than anyone else, you’ll be duly crowned its indisputable king. Not a bad way to kick things off.

Only worthless peons travel on public transport. Next time you’re about to head anywhere, download PrivateFly and book yourself a private jet instead. And it’s really cheap, too. For instance, (at the time of writing) a jet from London to New York this Saturday is only £59,208. Bargain!

Monument Valley
It’s tiring work, all this underhanded scheming; we think you need to unwind, relax and put your mind to something a bit more calming than global domination for a change. In House of Cards, Frank Underwood loves playing a bit of Monument Valley, the beautifully zen puzzler by UsTwo, and his seal of approval is as good as anyone’s.

Sleep Cycle
After all that scheming and enemy destroying, you’re going to need a good night’s sleep – especially if you want to do it all again tomorrow. Enter Sleep Cycle. Download the app, tell it the latest time you can possibly wake up and then put your phone under your pillow, and it’ll monitor your tosses and turns to figure out when you’re in a light enough sleep cycle to be woken up feeling fresh. Now, time to get to work all over again…

And once you’ve achieved world domination? Download the Whip Sound app, just to rub it in their face and remind everyone who’s in charge.

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