Want to ready yourself for a zombie apocalypse? In honour of the return of The Walking Dead we've rounded up every app, website, playlist, movie and TV show you need to up your chances of survival...

Hear that growl? That pained shuffling noise? That’s the sound of The Walking Dead coming back to life. Its seventh season begins tonight (24 October) on NOW TV, and it looks set to kick things off again with a bang.

To celebrate, and in the spirit of readiness, we’ve been battening down the hatches and prepping ourselves for an all-out zombie apocalypse. Care to join us? Digital tools may only be helpful until the power runs out, but, all the same: here’s every website, app, movie, TV show and song you need on your phone to help you survive as long as humanly possible when the virus begins to spread…

Apps and websites


Nike Running Fastest Mile
It’s a truth self-evident that Zombies have short attention spans – start running away from one and they won’t give chase beyond a few hundred yards. And because of that, survival will often boil down to a simple question: how fast can you run one mile? Whatever the answer, let Nike’s pumping playlist speed you along even quicker.

Zombie Apocalypse
Ready to accept that the world’s gone to pot? With a mix of tunes to help you wallow, get mad and then get even, lennac103’s Spotify playlist has everything you need to meander your way through the land of the living dead.

Zombie Killing
If needs must, you’ll need to tool up (we’re a fan of the old cricket bat, personally, but it’s up to you), take to the streets and show those zombies who’s boss. Get yourself pumped up for some frightening fighting with this angry, high octane mix by Mike Stephens.


World War Z (Netflix)

It’s never a bad idea to see what Brad Pitt does in a given situation and attempt to copy him. In World War Z, Brad travels the globe in search of a cure for a disease turning people into beasts which more are ‘part zombie, part olympic sprinter’ than your traditional walker. It’s entertaining, highly charged stuff, and you can pick up a myriad useful survival tips along the way, such as ‘try to find a helicopter’ and ‘don’t go into dark buildings.’

Zombieland (Netflix)

If you’re looking for something a bit gentler, Zombieland will tickle your fancy and your funny bone at the same time. It stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone as a hapless, ragtag group of survivors trying to make their way through a sparsely-populated world torn to bits by the undead. Keep a look out for one of the greatest surprise cameos of all time. And for surprise zombies, obviously.

TV Shows

Running Wild with Bear Grylls (NOW TV)
Join survival expert and big kid Bear Grylls as he runs and tumbles his way around remote landscapes with a celebrity in tow, all in the name of teaching the skills needed to outfox mother nature and avoid certain death. There are two seasons (14 episodes) to burn through on NOW TV Entertainment, with a wealth of dos and don’ts along the way.

The Walking Dead (NOW TV)
And finally: The Walking Dead. NOW TV Entertainment will have new episodes from season 7 every Monday for the next eight weeks. Perfect for those long nights spent holed up at home while the zombies rattle the shutters outside.

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