Do you and your partner both find the whole idea of Valentine's Day a bit much? Worry not: there's plenty you can watch, listen to and download together without the forced romance...


Bleurgh; Valentine’s Day. You and your partner love each other, but you’re not about schmaltzy days, designed to sell cards. We hear you, which is why we’ve put together a guide to how to spend the day together without buying into all the cheese.

Ready to take the pressure off? Here’s our 4G Entertainment anti-romantic survival guide for couples who don’t need a special day to let the good times roll.


1. What to watch:
Strictly no ‘rom’ or ‘com’ allowed

Blindspot (NOW TV)
Ready to get wrapped up in a mystery together? When a Jane Doe is found in the middle of Times Square with no memory and a smorgasbord of mysterious tattoos, it’s up to the FBI to get to the bottom of a mind-bending conspiracy.


The Babadook (Netflix)
Horror films are a great way to get cosy together without the need for Hollywood schmaltz, and they don’t come creepier (or less romantic) than the Babadook. You know the old story: boy meets monster, mum is haunted by monster, boy and mum fear for their lives. Classic Valentine’s Day material.


Making A Murderer (Netflix)
If you’ve not yet invested ten hours of your life to Netflix’s unbelievable true-crime documentary series Making A Murderer, then you must have spent the last month or so living away from the rest of humanity. But the good news is that you and your partner can easily squeeze the whole thing into one day if you really go for it, and 14 February seems like the perfect day to try.


2. What to listen to:
Atypical Valentine’s Day listening for couples

serialSerial – Season 2
Love Making A Murderer? Then you’ll love NPR’s free Serial podcast, and it’s perfect listening for couples who love a good debate. Season two launched just before Christmas, over the course of 10 episodes it recounts the story of Bowe Bergdahl, a US soldier who walked off his post and was captured by the Taliban.

As with the first season (also available for free), it raises an awful lot of questions without obvious answers, which is why it’s such great discussion fodder.

Charlie Brooker’s Aural Contraceptive
Writer, presenter and general curmudgeon Charlie Brooker’s Spotify playlist is a cheeky audio challenge for couples with a good sense of humour: see if you can still feel amorous while listening to the most unromantic music imaginable.


3. What to download:
No nonsense apps that’ll bring you together

Up for some friendly competition with your other half? Moves is an activity tracker for Android and iOS that monitors your daily steps, calories and other comings and goings. Install it on both of your phones to see who’s most active on a given day. Remember: the couple that stays fit together, stays together.

Just EatJust Eat
You’re not about to head to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day; that’s exactly what they want! Instead, batten down the hatches and download Just Eat and choose from a huge selection of local takeaways. You can choose, customise and place your order – whether it’s Chinese, Indian, pizza or anything in between – all from the app.

Headspace app thumbHeadspace
Mindfulness, the act of taking ten minutes out of your day to calm down, chill out and slow your busy mind, is all the rage, you know. And it’s a great way for you and your partner to spend some relaxing time together away from the stress of everyday life. Headspace offers a free 10-day course, and dozens of follow-up sessions available as in-app purchases.


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By Adam Bunker