We sat down for a chat with Michael Sawh - Editor of Wareable and fitness tech enthusiast - to get the inside track on the best fitness wearables in 2016...

‘Tis the season to… Go outside and do exercise in freezing cold temperatures. Now, we know what you’re thinking: that sounds like a terrible way to spend your January. It doesn’t have to be such a slog though: where there’s tech, there’s a way, as they say.

To prove that point, we’ve sat down for a chat with Michael Sawh – Editor of Wareable and fitness tech enthusiast – to get the inside track on the latest and greatest in the world of fitness and wearables in 2016, and to find out what he would recommend for anyone looking to stick to their fitness resolutions this winter. Over to you, Michael…

The Fitness Wearables


Wearable tech can really help to kick-start your fitness ambitions, by tracking your progress and providing ample motivation for that morning run. Here are five of the best wearables on the market today.

1. TomTom Spark
This all-in-one sports watch has everything you need. It packs GPS functionality to accurately track runs or rides, a heart rate monitor to measure workout intensity and also a built-in MP3 player, letting you pair up some Bluetooth headphones and listen to your music sans smartphone.

2. Jawbone UP2
One of the most elegant fitness trackers out there, the UP2 looks good around the wrist but has the software smarts to back it up, too. You can quickly glance at your data in the UP app and get useful recommendations on things like how to get a better night’s sleep or eat more nutritional grub.

3. MyZone MZ-3
It might look like a very standard heart rate monitor chest strap, but the MyZone does things a little differently when recording your bpm (beats per minute). You can earn points for certain types of runs and even challenge friends to beat your scores. It’s heart rate training, only more fun.


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4. Moov Now
Worn or the wrist or the ankle, the Moov Now is your very own real-time personal coach. It’ll help you improve your running form to help you get faster, and it’s waterproof, which means it can still provide comprehensive tracking data when you go for a dip. Pair two together and you can even indulge in a little coached cardio boxing as well.

5. Bragi Dash
These truly wireless in-ear buds pack motion sensors and a heart rate monitor to track exercise whether you’re out on a run or in the pool. You can take calls discreetly with a single tap and there’s a built-in music player too, so you can even leave your phone behind while you work up a sweat.

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The Fitness Apps


Apps are a fantastic alternative for anyone who wants to use their phone to tabs on their new healthy lifestyle, or you can use them in conjunction with your fitness wearable. From calorie counting to personal training, these are my favourites.

1. Spotify
We all need a little motivational push to get through that last rep, and in that regard the pioneering music streaming service reigns supreme. If the great Discover Weekly playlists let you down in terms of tempo, tap into the Spotify Running mode to match music to your running pace.


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2. Strava Running & Cycling
If you’re a triathlete in progress, Strava’s great app lets you store all of your activity by tapping into your phone’s GPS to record routes. If you own a Fitbit or Pebble smartwatch, or a Microsoft Band, your Strava data will also count towards your daily goals.

3. FitStar
A great one for fans of lone workouts, FitStar is your own personal trainer, minus the fees. The app can build customized plans to suit your growing fitness levels, and will take you through exercises step-by-step. You can also pay to unlock more sessions if you want to mix things up.

4. Charity Miles
What better motivation to get off the couch than raising money for a good cause? Charity Miles’ premise is pretty simple: pick a charity and as you clock up more miles – whether that’s on the treadmill or on your bike – money will be donated on your behalf.

5. Calorie Counter
Hitting the gym is just part of the battle to get in shape – you need to keep an eye on what you’re eating as well. Thankfully, MyFitnessPal’s calorie counting app has a huge database from which to log meals, while using your phone’s camera to scan barcodes can make tracking your nutritional intake quicker and easier than ever.

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