How well do you know the UK music scene? Here's everything you need to know about the artists, genres and tracks that shaped the last 12 months on Spotify...

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Keen to keep ahead of the curve? Sometimes you need to look back to move forwards, and that’s never truer than with the music scene. Why? Because if you don’t know the trends that have recently broken the mould, the tracks that smashed global records and the artists making waves, how can you expect to guess what’s coming next?

Ready to soak up some stats? Here’s every drop of info you need to know about your (as a Vodafone customer) music habits in 2015 according to Spotify. Get ready to find out what influence you had on the nation’s streaming in 2015…

Spotify UK according to Vodafone customers

Vodafone 4G comes with the option of adding a Spotify Premium subscription at no extra cost*, and with that offer proving to be massively popular around the country, we’ve no doubt that our customers are some of the most musically switched on people around.

But that’s not just a hunch. We’ve worked with Spotify to gather info on the most played tracks of 2015 by Vodafone customers, and the results prove that they’ve got their fingers right on the pulse. In fact, the movers and shakers of the UK music chart are pretty much the same movers and shakers found in our top 50.

If two billion playlists is too much to get your head round, worry not: you can check out the top 50 tracks from 2015 as listened to by you, our customers, right here:


Spotify UK’s…

Biggest artist of 2015?
Ed Sheeran, hands down. While chart toppers like David Guettta, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber each feature multiple times on Spotify’s 2015 list of the UK’s most-played tracks, Ed’s the clear winner, with no fewer than six entries in the top 100 tracks of 2015. As for Vodafone UK customers’ most played tracks of 2015 Ed ties with Justin and Sam Smith with four entries in the top 100 list.

Most played song of 2015?
It’s been played on countless TV ads, in every shop you walk into and all over the airwaves, but the laid back summer smash Lean On (feat. MO & DJ Snake) by Major Lazer was also played time and time again in our headphones this year – topping Vodafone Customer’s top 100 most played list, as well as Spotify’s 100 most played tracks for 2015 – now that’s some performance!

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Biggest album of 2015?
Monster hit ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ is surely the big driver behind the streaming success of Beauty Behind The Madness by The Weeknd. The album only came out in late August, making its position at the top of Spotify’s album chart – both Global and UK – even more impressive.

Biggest genre of 2015?
Here’s how the UK’s tastes break down in terms of popularity

1. Pop
2. Rock
3. Hip Hop
4. Pop Rock
5. Indie Rock

Spotify Global

How does all that compare with Spotify in the rest of the world? Here are the top fives you need:

Spotify Global’s top five artists:

1. Drake
2. Ed Sheeran
3. The Weeknd
4. Maroon 5
5. Kanye West

Those eagle eyed of you will see the Global top five was entirely made up of males in 2015, but that the Beebs was pretty absent. You can put that down to late releases in the year, although that didn’t stop you showing your love for him, with four singles in the top 100 most listened to tracks by Vodafone UK customers. The fact he managed to knock himself off the top of the UK’s Official Chart (Love Yourself replaced Sorry) – a feat that hasn’t been seen since the days of Elvis and The Beatles – proves he’s still a pop powerhouse. No doubt 2016 will be another stellar year.

Proving the girls still run the world too
Spotify Global’s top five females of 2015 are all names you’ll recognise…

1. Rihanna
2. Ariana Grande
3. Nicki Minaj
4. Beyoncé
5. Ellie Goulding

The absence of Adele might surprise some of you but, like Bieber, her album wasn’t released until the end of November, meaning her rivals had a full 11 months head start. 2016 may well tell a different story, so watch this space…

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How many tracks did we stream around the world?
Spotify’s library is ever-expanding, but how many different tracks did we actually listen to? In 2015, that figure was 28.5 million, a whopping 3,025,597 million (10.6%) more than in 2014.

How many subscribers does Spotify have?
More than 20 million, with 75 million people around the world actively using the service. That’s double the number of subscribers from 2014!

How many playlists are on Spotify?
As of 2015, there are now over two billion playlists to choose from on Spotify, including ones made by users and by the streaming giant itself. The phrase ‘spoilt for choice’ comes to mind.

2015’s big new additions?
Among other new features like podcasts and videos, 2015 was all about two big new additions: Spotify Running and Discover Weekly. You can find out how Spotify finds music that fits your pace here, and find out how Discover Weekly unearths gems you’ll love here.

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Spotify UK
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