Ready for the big night? Not if you don't have these essential NYE apps to help you maximise the party fun, organise your online life and get you there and back safely...

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It’s not long until 2015 ticks over into 2016, and that means it’s time to form your New Year’s Resolutions, don the party hats and crack open the bubbly. But it’s also time to arm your phone with the right tools for the big night.

Whether it’s timing your tweets, sharing your big night out or making your way home, here are some of the apps that you might want to take a look at ahead of the big celebration.

Get ready for 2016

yplan10… Yplan – iOS, Android
Heading out in London, Bristol or Dublin? You need Yplan, the app that makes finding great events (both well in advance and on the spot) – and getting in – a breeze. Yplan knows everything that’s going on in town, and once you’ve booked your ticket it’ll also act as your ticket, meaning you don’t have to rummage through old emails to find reference codes or booking confirmations.

ifttt9… IFTTT – iOS, Android
When you’re out and about on NYE, reeling off ‘Happy New Year’ Tweets or long, reflective Facebook statuses might not be your immediate priority. So why not do it ahead of time? With IFTTT (If This, Then That), you can set your phone and its various services to complete certain actions based on a huge amount of criteria you choose – whether that’s the time of day or day of the year, your location, the weather… But for NYE let’s keep things simple: sign up to an account and you’ll be able to schedule messages to fire from your favourite social networks bang on the stroke of midnight.

mixology8… Mixologist, Mixology – iOS, Android
Having the odd tipple in the run up to midnight? If you’ve opted for a house party rather than a bar or club, you can make sure you know your Martinis from your Mojitos, your Manhattans from your Margaritas with one of these great cocktail making apps. Search for recipes by whatever ingredients you have to hand, or just let the app find your dream cocktail for you.

drinkaware7… Drinkaware – iOS, Android
While there’s nothing wrong with the odd cocktail or glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve, it’s always important to try to drink responsibly, and not to overdo things. To that end, the official Drinkaware app is a great tool for avoiding a nasty 1 January hangover, as it allows you to track each unit while offering useful health tips and information along the way – info that might just keep you from having one too many.

secret dj6… Secret DJ – iOS, Android
Nothing kills the vibe like being in the right venue but having to dance to the wrong music. It’s an issue that Secret DJ wants to solve by putting the playlist in your hands, and it works via an app that has direct access to the decks in a host of clubs and bars around the UK. Install Secret DJ and get yourself to a participating venue, and you’ll be able to add your favourite tracks to the set list there and then.

Shazam icon5… Shazam – iOS, Android
We’ve all been there: you’re out and about at a party and hear what could be your new favourite song, but how do you find out what it is? Shazam can find and name millions of tracks by using your phone’s microphone to detect a track’s patterns and rhythms – even in the noisiest environments. It’s been around since 1999, which means it’s the top dog in the song-sorting game. Your song results come with the option to buy the track, find it on Spotify, or even hunt down gig tickets.

party noisemaker icon4… Party Noisemaker, Party Horn – iOS, Android
When the clock strikes 12, it’s time to make some noise! It’s not unusual for the party poppers and horns to run out, so why not put one into your phone? With these apps for Android and iOS you’ll be able to do just that, by turning your smartphone into a soundboard full of party sounds. Just remember to stop pushing the buttons when the noise dies down.

periscope3… Periscope – iOS, Android
Periscope allows you to livestream your life to your followers on Twitter and Facebook. Simply give your livestream a name, point your phone’s camera at what’s happening and start recording – your followers and strangers from around the world alike will be able to see what’s going on in real time. Perfect for bringing your friends’ best (or worst) dance moves to a much wider audience in the run up to midnight.

citymapper2… CityMapper – iOS, Android
All done ringing in the new year and ready for bed? CityMapper makes navigation around London, Manchester, Birmingham and a huge range of international cities a complete doddle. Just plumb in your destination and it’ll offer up routes via trains, tubes, busses, taxis, bikes, and walking routes, all with ETAs and costs. Had a few too many? Hit the big ‘Get Me Home’ button to get directions straight to your doorstep.

coah me icon1… – iOS, Android
Ok, so the big night’s over and 2016 is now officially underway. It’s time for the New Year’s Resolutions to come into effect. It doesn’t matter whether you want to join the gym, cut back on the booze, quit smoking, start a blog, see friends more or simply start getting more sleep, has got your back. Fill it with the positive habits you want to work on and it’ll help you build them into your daily routine by tracking your progress daily, weekly and monthly, all while providing helpful advice, timely reminders and even motivational quotes.

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