For many vegans, Christmas can seem like a tricky time of year, but there’s no need to fret - YouTube chef Ian Haste has got you covered...


For many vegans, Christmas can seem like a tricky time of year. With so much focus placed on the meat, it’s hard to know what to make for the biggest meal of the year. But there’s no need to fret, because innovative YouTube chef Ian Haste’s got you covered, as he takes on our challenge to cook up a festive feast without an animal product in sight…

Rock ‘n’ Christmas Roll

In the spirit of our #TerryTheTurkey Christmas ad campaign, we recently asked vegetarian chef Eddie Shepherd to give us his tips on how to make the perfect Christmassy nut roast. But what if you’re a proud vegan? Enter Ian Haste, a top chef who’s shared with us his recipe for an amazing vegan Christmas Roll. But how exactly did he invent it?

Ian-Haste“Whilst I’m not Vegan, our family eats a vegetable heavy diet and my wife’s family are mainly vegetarians,” he explains. “So this felt like a fairly simple recipe for me to create. But my aim was to cook something that could still rightly be the centre piece of the Christmas table.”


Thankfully, when you’re cooking with veg there’s no shortage of great ingredients:

“There are thousands of varieties of vegetables in the world with such varying flavours,” Ian says, “so I had a few good ideas on a showstopper piece from the off. My first thought was to bring punchy flavours to the table by using mushrooms, ideally a mix of white, brown, portabella, oyster, porcini, and to flambé in brandy before drizzling it all with truffle oil, chopped chives and wilted spinach.”

Sound good? You can learn how to make your very own vegan Christmas Roll by watching the video below:

Ian Haste’s Vegetarian & Vegan Christmas Roll recipe

Prefer your recipes written down? No problem – here’s everything you need:


1 x Large Butternut Squash
1/4 x Red Pepper
1/4 x Green Pepper
3 x Mushrooms
1 x Red onion
1 x Courgette
1/4 x Leek
5 Tablespoons of Vegan Stuffing made with one cup of breadcrumbs (vegan)
4 x Savoy Cabbage leaves
Salt and pepper to season


1. Cut open and clean the seeds from the butternut squash, as this acts as the basis of the dish.
2. Chop the red and green pepper, red onion, mushrooms, leek and season before frying in a light oil.
3. Ribbon the courgette and place inside the hollowed out butternut squash, layer in the savoy cabbage to size.
4. Add in the cooked vegetables and top with another savoy cabbage leaf.
5. Spoon on the vegan stuffing and place the two halves together before wrapping in greaseproof paper.
6. Roast at 220c for 30-40 mins until cooked.
7. Served sliced to see each layer.

“Don’t ever be scared to try new techniques and recipes that you think might work,” Ian says, offering up his advice to budding vegan chefs. “I’ve made numerous things in the past which have failed, but also some that have been incredible – nothing beats finding something that works and goes against other chef’s critiques or opinions.” And the same is true for what belongs on your Christmas dinner table!

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