There's a lot going on inside the Vodafone Broadband router. But what makes our router so special? We're here to explain exactly that...


Your home Wi-Fi is doing its job best when you don’t even have to think about it. Your broadband router is one of the unsung heroes of your household, and there’s a lot going on inside that little box that’s worth knowing about – especially when it’s our own Vodafone Broadband router.

To find out its secrets we’ve been speaking to Vodafone’s Nikolas Choulakis, the man who knows everything there is to know about Wi-Fi, routers, and the invisible waves that make the internet tick…

Inside our router: What you need to know

1. Our router sets up in an instant

“The router is plug-and-play,” says Nik. “You connect it to your phone line and that’s it: it’s ready to go. That’s great news for customers because it means there’s no need for an engineer to come round and install it -it’s Plug ’n’ Play.” And no engineer means no callout fee, saving you both money and time – all you have to do is wait for your kit to arrive in the post or pick it up in one of our stores, plug it in, and you’re away!

2. It can Beamform your signal

What is Beamforming? It’s the ability to focus your Wi-Fi in a specific direction to maximise your signal. “Beamforming technology funnels the Wi-Fi beams towards specific devices,” Nik explains, “rather than just transmitting the signal in every direction. And that makes it more efficient.

“Beamforming comes from the early days of military applications, but the industry decided a few years ago to embed it in the latest standard routers. It works by virtually focusing the direction of the signal.

Vodafone connect infographic_V7

“Wi-Fi signal usually bounces off the walls in every direction, and when that happens, its own reflections can interfere.

3. It’s eco-friendly

“Our router’s energy consumption is very low,” says Nik. “The LEDs on top are motion activated, so the indicators for Wi-Fi and internet and signal only turn on when you’re in close proximity and you pass your hand over it The bottom ambience LED can also be switched off.”

And, as any avid Netflix watcher will tell you that motion sensing tech means the LEDs won’t bother you when it comes to dimming the lights for movie night.

4. It’s the only router with its own app

“Our Vodafone Connect App allows you to control the router’s various features, including switching Wi-Fi off when it’s bed time, among a host of other cool features. The app also allows you to boost and prioritise your Wi-Fi connection to a specific device that’s connected on the router, e.g. your work laptop.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Vodafone Connect app. You can find out loads more about it right here.

5. It’s future-proof and laden with tech

“This router is future proof,” Nik says proudly. “Today it supports fibre and it also has best-in-class WiFi that supports a lot of older standards, but it also has the ability and the hardware to support what’s coming next.” And what is coming next? “Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

“In the meantime, you can do a heap of cool stuff like connect hard drives to create Network-Attached Storage (NAS) setups, which you can then access from any device in your house as if it were your own personal cloud. You can also pair WPS-enabled devices like smart phones or other Wi-Fi devices by pairing with the touch of a button.”

So there you go: five reasons why our router is the best in the business.

Ready for an upgrade? You can grab your Broadband router and a superfast fibre connection, right here, and find out more about the Vodafone Connect app here!