It's never been more important to stay on top of your passwords, and to change them regularly. But here's what we're doing to keep your data safe...


There’s been a lot in the news recently about hackers trying to access customer data from some of the UK’s biggest companies – including us here at Vodafone.

We’re seeing enough evidence to suggest that attempts like this, which try to access your data with a view to attempting acts of fraud, are unlikely to let up, and that more and more organisations are being targeted in the same sort of way.

Protect your data

We’re committed to doing everything possible to thwart these criminal efforts by making sure that our systems are doing the job they need to. But you too have a vital role to play in ensuring that you’re protecting yourself.

Why is that so important? Because the kind of activity we’re seeing is not from hackers breaking into, compromising or ‘hacking,’ our systems but from criminals gaining access to customers’ data through other means. At the moment, the source of this information is unknown, but we’re supporting the National Crime Agency in their ongoing investigation.

From what we have seen, it seems likely that the criminals are using personal login data which has been extracted from a wide range of sources. They seem to be hoping that this same login data will provide access to our systems rather than targeting Vodafone customers specifically.

Make a change and make it now

It’s precisely because of the nature of these attacks, that we encourage you to start changing your passwords for online accounts regularly, and to start doing so today. It’s the best possible way of taking more control over the safety of your personal data.

For your Vodafone account, head to, log in, click ‘Manage account settings’ and then ‘Login details’ to change yours.

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When you’re thinking about a new password, there are some key things to consider.

Firstly, don’t fall into the trap of using the same password for multiple sites. If you do that and a hacker manages to crack yours, they will suddenly be able to access and control a whole host of your online activity.

Our other normal password advice applies:

  • Make your passwords hard to guess:
    – The best tactic is to use three random words together, or to use a random password generator website like
    – Don’t use your date of birth, or the names of family members as it makes it easier for people to guess them.
  • Get into the habit of changing your passwords for all of your accounts regularly, at least once a year but preferably every 3-4 months.
  • Never share passwords with anyone else. Vodafone’s customer care team will never ask customers for their password.

Behind the scenes

That’s our ask of you, but we’re also covering a huge amount of activity in the background too. We use a blend of controls to prevent, detect and correct security measures and these are updated constantly. We also run a comprehensive process to identify risks to customers, so that we can proactively flag any potential security concerns before they become a problem.

And, if there is a problem:

  • We will always try to proactively contact you in the event that we identify unusual behaviour or potential threats to your account.
  • We’ll also block the accounts of any customer we know might have been affected by fraud and contact you to help you change your account details.

Sadly, it’s impossible for us to stop criminals from attempting to break into systems, but we’re doing everything we can to prevent them from being successful.

Keeping your details safe… For more on security, check out our top tips for avoiding phishing scams here.