Are we a nation in digital denial about our reliance on technology? Vodafone commissioned a survey to uncover the truth, and the result are staggering...


We recently commissioned the Digital Behaviours Study to explore the technological habits of more than 2,100 Brits from around the nation. We’ve already uncovered the truth behind how dependant we are on our technology, and we’ve spoken to Professor John Groeger about how our digital habits affect our sleep, but today we’re looking at the effects our digital lifestyles have on our families. And you may find the results surprising…

Are we in digital denial?

Do you worry about how much time your children spend in front of screens? If so, you’re not alone. As it turns out, one in four parents have real concerns about the amount of time their kids spend with technology, with 15% of those admitting to lying about it to friends and family, admitting they don’t know the appropriate amount of time kids should be online each day.

For many parents, these results may not come as a surprise. Whether it’s phones, tablets, TVs, computers, or games consoles, it can sometimes feel like there are too many distractions for parents to properly control.

“It can sometimes feel like there are too many distractions for parents to properly control.”

Almost half of the parents in the study admitted to turning a blind eye to their children’s’ constant connectivity, with many feeling that technology is simply part of everyday life, as well as part of their children’s education process. Many parents admitting to having been caught out by their kids finding ways around imposed rules, with a common excuse being they need to do their homework digitally.

We also found that over half the nation admitted to being connected to the internet all day long via their phones and computers, which no doubt contributes to the one in three parents who believe their overuse of technology sets a bad example for their children.

All numbers aside, the Digital Behaviours Study makes it clear that we are allowing our children too much time on their devices and that many of us feel powerless to do anything about it.

Vodafone Broadband to the rescue

Thankfully, help is at hand. Parents across Britain now have the power to manage their family’s internet usage with Vodafone Broadband and the new Vodafone Connect companion app. Connect is the first app of its kind for home broadband, and among its many functions and features is the ability to switch your Wi-Fi network on or off via a timer.

So if you’re worried your kids are watching Netflix in bed, it couldn’t be easier to manage – just schedule your Wi-Fi to switch off before-hand, and let your family enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

You can find out loads more about the Vodafone Connect app right here.

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