Fancy yourself as the next big fashion blogger? Then you'll be needing Carrie Harwood of WishWishWish's top tips and essential iPhone app recommendations...

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Fancy yourself as the next big thing in fashion blogging? With an iPhone in your hand, you’ve got all the tools you need to bring the world of haute couture to life. Don’t believe us? Here’s Carrie Harwood of WishWishWish’s take…

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to find bloggers on the cover of magazines, and those at the top of their game earning seven figure sums by simply sharing their life with their online readership. But whilst fashion blogging used to be reserved to laptops in bedrooms or tripods in gardens, things have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. And with that burgeoning number of bloggers, the need for better tech has increased alongside.

In the past few years there’s been a huge shift, with people moving from more traditional blogging formats to social media, and that’s why smartphones have come to play a massive part in a blogger’s day-to-day.

The rise of vlogging and YouTuber culture, partnered with the growing importance of social media outlets, has allowed blog readers to get even closer to the fashionistas they follow online, which is why you’ll be hard pushed to find a fashion blogger without a phone in their hand at all times – it’s never been more important to be connected to those readers. Snapchat, Twitter, Instragram and Facebook are all updated on the regular, feeding their audiences’ need for 24/7 content.


And the phone of choice for the tech-savvy fashion blogger? Apple’s iPhone, hands down. Its quality cameras (both front a back) ensure only the best snaps for Instagram et al, and its 4K video capabilities make it a great choice for the pro-vlogger, too. Not to mention the fact that it boasts a range of apps that are essential for every fashion blogger. Keen to get invovled? Keep scrolling to find out which ones your favourite bloggers can’t live without.

Ask most bloggers how they edit their Instagram snaps and they’ll tell you it’s all done with VSCO. Its filters are unrivalled, and it even allows you to view your edited images in a grid similar to the one found on Instagram, meaning you can preview how your images are going to look together before publishing.

“I like VSCO because it offers a huge range of variety with editing phone photos on the go, and making quick snaps look good quality” – Olivia Purvis, What Olivia Did

2. Snapseed
Unfortunately VSCO doesn’t hit all the marks. Most bloggers will use multiple apps before they deem their photos Instagram-ready, and a personal favourite is Google’s own Snapseed. It really allows you to fine-tune with its ‘selective’ feature, which allows you to select small parts of your image to enhance.


3. Facetune
If you’re into selfies, then Facetune will already be on your radar. Use this to get rid of blemishes or smooth out any unsightly creases before sharing online.

4. Snapchat
Snapchat is HUGE. All of your favourite bloggers are signing up to share a behind-the-scenes look at their lives, from photo shoots to clips from the catwalk – or even just the everyday bits in between! Follow StyleScrapbook, Sparkncube, Audreyleighton and Lydiaemillen to get started!

5. Splice
If you share videos on your phone, then get downloading Splice, a great way to edit together your clips on the go.

6. Pinterest
If you’re in need of a little inspiration for a new post, Pinterest is what you’re after. Use it to store all of your outfit ideas, or recipes you’d like to try out. If you’re a blogger, don’t forget to pin your own images – it’s a great way to increase exposure and get clicks through to your content.

7. Periscope
Putting on a talk? Want to do a live Q&A? You must get downloading Periscope! With it, you can stream directly to your Twitter followers in real time. Make sure you’re following your favourite bloggers there, too, as you won’t want to miss their livestreams.


8. ShopStyle
If you’re a blogger and want to make money through your Instagram #ootds (Outfit of the Days) and flat-lays (laying out your clothes and shooting from above), then you need ShopStyle in your arsenal. Sign up to ShopStyle Collective to monetise your looks – you’ll get paid each time somebody clicks on links.
That’s not to mention that this app is also great for browsing what’s new in your favourite stores and planning your next outfit.

9. Hootsuite
Make sure your followers from around the globe see your social media posts by scheduling with Hootsuite. This is a must-have for any busy blogger, as it means you’ll be visible all day long whilst getting on with other important tasks.

10. Google Analytics
Want to see how you’re doing? You can keep on top of your stats with Google Analytics, a great way to check how your posts are performing on the go, whether you’re after a broad overview of your blog’s traffic, or a really in-depth drill-down by platform, location, or a host of other fields.

11. Bloglovin
Bloglovin’ is the most popular way of reading your favourite fashion and beauty blogs. Keep up-to-date using the app, which allows you to discover new blogs, read your current favourites and save posts for later.


12. WordPress
Any blogger using WordPress should also get their mitts on the app. Whilst it might be a little bit fiddly to create an entire post from scratch from your phone, it’s great to have to hand if you need to monitor comments or make adjustments on the go.

13. Dropbox
Fashion blogging usually involves a lot of pictures, and this is where Dropbox comes in handy. Store your outfit shots here for quick access from across devices, or to send images to somebody else.

14. Trello
Another app for the organised blogger! Trello is a great place to help you keep track of projects and write lists. You can also invite other team members to get involved, which is great if you work with somebody else or need to keep a client informed.

“I’ve been using Trello to build lists within lists recently and I love the flexibility. I need to be able to constantly update and add to things, and that’s why having it all in an easy-to-use App is essential” – Kristabel Plummer, I Want You to Know

15. Depop
A common fashion blogger problem is undoubtedly the overflowing wardrobe, but the clothing reseller app, Depop, can solve this. In a simple, Instagram-style format, you just pop up pictures of your preloved pieces and sell them to your followers. Simple.

So there you go – 15 apps that provide everything you need to dip your toes in the world of fashion blogging. And with these apps on your iPhone, you’ll be an unstoppable fashion blogger in no time at all – and a very efficient one at that!

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