Could you manage without digital tech or internet for a day? We asked thousands of Brits that question, and the results are staggering...

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As a nation, we’re more reliant than we’ve ever been on digital technology. Just think about your daily routine – chances are, it almost certainly involves a mobile phone, a tablet, a TV or a PC of some sort. Do you think you could manage without all of those things, and more? We’ve been asking that questions to thousands of Brits around the country, and the results are staggering…

Let’s get digital…

More than a third of the population of Britain don’t think they could survive 24 hours without access to the internet. If that sounds like a lot, well, it is: but it’s not necessarily surprising. The internet facilitates almost every aspect of our modern lives, from messaging and calls, to finding information, to shopping and entertainment. When was the last time you went a day without using Whatsapp, Google or Facebook?


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We know that daily life for most of us revolves around digital tech, but surviving for just a single day without your devices? That’s something very different. It’s incredible to think that 23 million of us don’t think we could even manage that.

As you’d expect, on-the-go city-dwellers are the most digitally dependant of all of us. Only 52% of Londoners were ready and willing to drop their devices for a day, compared to 73% of those living in the leafier parts of eastern England.

Top of the reasons not to take a break? Using the internet and devices to communicate with friends and family, manage our homes, and avoid boredom through the likes of Netflix, NOW TV, Spotify, Sky Sports and other entertainment services. But resoundingly, 87% of those who don’t want to give up their digital lifestyle are happy to accept that being this connected is the new norm.

For parent, though, there are concerns, with 34% admitting that it’s difficult to control the time that their kids are online.

Digital dependants

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