Nuisance calls can be a real pain, but you can make them stop. The Telephone Preference Service exists to help you take control of your incoming calls...


Nuisance calls are, well… a bit of a nuisance. Nobody likes rushing to answer the phone, only to find out that the caller is an automated robot, or someone in a call centre enquiring about accidents you never had and PPI you never took out. But how do you make them stop?

The good news is, there’s a really great service available to help you that not everyone knows about. Vodafone’s own Martina Algeri is here to tell you everything there is to know about the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) – your saviour from nuisance callers. Read on to regain control of your incoming calls…

If your name’s not down, they’re coming in

The TPS website is run by the Direct Marketing Association and lets you register your phone number to block out unsolicited calls. How does it work? Well, that list is a pretty big deal, and companies have to pay attention to it to avoid breaking the law – they’re not allowed to cold call any number listed.

“It works for landline and mobile numbers, and registering is completely free,” says Martina. “Once registered, the TPS prevents you from receiving any marketing calls from any unknown numbers.”

We know what you’re thinking: ‘how did my number get into these companies’ books in the first place?’ Well, it can happen in a variety of ways:

“It works for landline and mobile numbers, and registering is completely free…”

“When you’re doing some online shopping,” Martina explains, “or when you sign up to a ticketing website, for example, you’ll often be asked you for your telephone number as part of the process. And some sites pass your number onto other companies. This is especially true when you register for something and tick (or sometimes untick) the box to say you’re happy to be contacted by third parties.”

Luckily, for law-abiding companies at least, the TPS will put nuisance callers in their place: “Although companies and organisations are allowed to make live telesales calls, they cannot contact you if you’ve told them previously that you don’t want calls from them.”


Stamp out nuisance calls and texts

Ok, so how do you get setup? Simple. Head to and click on the big ‘Register’ button. Submit your phone number and you’ll be added to the list after 28 days. It’s totally free, and your number will stay registered in the TPS list forever.

Keep getting unwanted text messages? There’s a way to put a stop to them, too. Whenever you receive texts from a number you don’t recognise, just forward the text to us at 7726. Your text will help us spot new types of spam, and measure how many spam complaints are made from each number. From there, we’ll be able to gather the evidence and report the spammers to the regulatory authorities, so your input is invaluable.

We’re working with other telco providers to reduce the impact of unlawful nuisance calls. More info here.

All done? That’s two quick and easy ways to make your mobile life a little simpler. Know someone who might benefit from hearing about the TPS? Why not share this post with them? Alternatively, click the link here to find out how to spot scams.