Do you live in London, or just visiting? With great 4G powering through the city, there's no shortage of ways to get the best from the city using your smartphone...


We launched Vodafone 4G in London in August 2013, and while our next-gen network has since spread its wings to thousands of cities, towns and villages around the UK, the capital still benefits from great signal all the way across – especially indoors, where other networks often falter.

In fact, we’ve invested £200 million in our London infrastructure over the last two years to improve our signal: in the last year alone we’ve upgraded over 400 sites with 4G in key locations like the Shard, as well as in a slew of stadiums, shopping centres and train stations. You can now access Vodafone 4G in 99% of the city, with 85% indoor 4G coverage and nearly 60% deep indoor coverage. That gives us the edge on other networks, a fact recognised today by leading independent technology consultancy P3.

And that’s good news, because – as any Londoner will tell you – there’s no shortage of things to do in the city that’ll make the most of a speedy mobile data connection. How do we know? Because we’ve been looking at data from our Network team to produce a list of the best places to use Vodafone 4G in London.

Stuck for ideas? Read on for some instant inspiration…

4G fun with London LTE

1. Compare prices in Westfield
Off to the shops? The sprawling Westfield shopping centre in Stratford will have all your needs covered and then some, but how do you know you’re getting the cheapest price around? Before you head out, download both the Amazon app and Google Goggles, which let you scan barcodes or take photos of real world products to find cheaper deals online.

2. Upload food photos from Hawksmoor
Got a great big steak in front of you? Before you tuck in, why not make your followers jealous by taking a snap of your mountain of meat? With Vodafone 4G, uploading your snaps will only take an instant, letting you get on with dinner in no time. Click here for some top tips on how to take better food photos on your phone.

The Shard

3. Periscope the view from top of the Shard
Vodafone is the only network that can give you good coverage at the top of London’s tallest building, meaning you can share your thoughts about the amazing view while you’re there – live and in person – using Periscope. Ready for the science bit? Here’s how our signal makes it up that high.

4. Maximise your workout with Spotify Running
Heading to the gym after work? If you picked Spotify Premium as your Vodafone 4G entertainment pack, you’ll have no shortage of motivational music to help you make the most of your workout. And Spotify Running makes that even easier, thanks to its magic pace-matching technology. Here’s how it works.


5. Get one-hour delivery from Amazon Prime Now
Whether you’re sitting at home or in the office, if you need something in a hurry then there’s no better way for Londoners to speed things along than Amazon Prime Now. The new, mobile only service promises Prime subscribers free delivery on thousands of items – from food to fashion to tech – within two hours, or delivery within one hour for just £6.99. Now that’s what we call ‘ultrafast’.

6. Order the best lunch ever with Jinn
As with Prime Now, Jinn is one of those location-specific apps that’ll make you proud to be a Londoner. If your office is within Jinn’s delivery zone, Jinn will send one of its moped-bound wizards to pick up and deliver anything on the menu from your favorite restaurant, all from your smartphone. Just think: while the office bore munches on his cucumber sandwiches, you could be chomping down on ribs from Bodeans.

jinn app

7. Skype the boss from your favourite coffee shop
The office of the future is anywhere you want it to be, and with Skype available on every major smartphone platform, you needn’t be there in person to get your point across. With Skype’s mobile apps you can make video or voice calls for free over 3G or 4G, as well as send messages and files over IM. That only leaves one question: which coffee shop should you work from today? Why not check out one of these.

8. Watch TV on the bus
With Netflix and NOW TV Entertainment both offering Vodafone 4G customers huge libraries of top telly and Sky Sports offering top sport, there’s no need for anyone to have a boring commute ever again. Simply choose your entertainment pack, load up the app and settle in for a box set or watch one of the London footie teams in action – the perfect thing to accompany those dreary winter bus journeys.


9. Create a mobile hotspot in Comic Con
London Comic Con, the UK’s number one pop culture expo, is heading to the Excel Centre on 23-25 October. With it will come celeb appearances, special screenings and scores of comic book, TV and movie bloggers. And with Wi-Fi at busy expos being notoriously poor, we advise anyone heading with a laptop in tow to use the Vodafone 4G on their smartphone as a mobile hotspot, letting you use your mobile data connection on your computer or tablet. You can turn on your phone’s mobile hotspotting capabilities in its Settings app.

10. Geocache your way around town
Think of Geocaching as a digital, worldwide treasure hunt designed to help you discover more of your surroundings. Download the Geocaching app and sign up, and it’ll show you where your nearest geocache goodies are.

They range from easy to extremely tricky to find, and there are 2 million of them hidden worldwide. Once you’ve found one, you can add your name to the list of people who’ve discovered it before you. There’s loads more info here.

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