The Huawei Nexus 6P is available to order from Vodafone UK right now, but why should you grab one? We've been getting the lowdown from Huawei...

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Have you seen the Nexus 6P? It’s big, and it’s a big deal. 2015’s Nexus continues the lineage of bringing the best and newest features of Google’s Android OS together into one beautiful, premium package, and it delivers on that premise in spades.

This year it’s Huawei’s turn to make Google’s flagship device, and it’s now available to order online from Vodafone UK with a special gift in tow. We’ve been chatting to Huawei’s Rhys Saunders to get a handle on what makes it so special…

It’s not the size, it’s how you use it…

“I think the standout feature is the screen,” says Rhys, talking about the Nexus 6P’s most obvious differentiator. That’s a big panel, but is it too big? Turns out Huawei has been working hard to make sure that its Nexus is right on trend:

“In recent years, we’ve seen that 6-inch devices – whether it’s the previous Nexus device or previous Huawei devices – have been perceived as being slightly too big. That size device doesn’t fit in the hand quite so easily. So we felt that to maintain a good size and shape on a handset while offering everything we want to in terms of viewing experience, we needed to shrink the screen back down slightly to 5.7-inches.

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“It used to be that your TV was your first screen, then your laptop, then your phone, but more and more people are now using the smartphone as their first screen – for everything from emailing to photos to watching video. And because of that, we believe that people’s tastes are changing,” Rhys explains. “Even 18 months ago, 5-inch displays weren’t common place, and now they’re the mainstream. So we’ve gone with a 5.7-inch device, and we think that may be the tipping point for people to move into larger screens.”

Power under the hood

Of course, there’s a lot more to the Nexus 6P than just its gorgeous display, as Rhys is only happy to talk us through…

“There’s a full metal unibody design,” says Rhys, “and a fingerprint sensor on the middle of the back, which gives you real ease of use when it comes to unlocking the device, as well as for using Android Pay when that arrives in the UK. And then there’s the 12.3-megapixel camera, which captures up to 1.55 million pixels and allows more light in, making for brilliant for low-light photography.”

And that camera could be something of a game-changer:

“The smartphone is now everyone’s number one camera – we don’t tend to carry around a smartphone and a digital camera. So with the Nexus 6P we’ve gone for one of the best camera components around, made by Sony, and rather than going down the ‘more megapixels’ route, we’ve gone for increasing the size of the pixels.”

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“It’s about being able to take photos in the best conditions – indoors, or outdoors with low light. And with Google Photos offering unlimited cloud storage, we’re not worried about the size of the photo files taking up space.”

Ok, so the 6P sports a big, crystal clear display, a raft of high end processing specs and a top camera, but if you’ve got all that going on, you’re going to need a big battery. Luckily, Huawei’s got you covered there, too:

“I think a big battery is the most important thing if you have a phone with a big screen,” says Rhys. “You want to be posting, sharing, viewing or listening on your way to school or work as much as you do on the way home – it’s no good if you phone dies two thirds of the way through the day. So battery life is critically important, which is why we’ve got a 3450mAh battery in the 6P. That’s an awful lot of power – the equivalent of some 7-inch tablets out there in the market.

“We’re still working through our exact screen-on-time figure, but we’re confident that if you use the 6P with the screen on for about 3-4 hours during the day, constantly consuming content and receiving notifications, you’ll have no worries getting through a day and a half.”

And that’s backed up by new smart tech baked into Android 6.0, Marshmallow:

“For me, Android M’s standout feature is the increased battery performance it offers with a feature called ‘Doze’,” Rhys tells us. “Doze is intelligent enough to know that the phone isn’t being used, putting the phone into a kind of standby mode. And that really helps during times when your phone is just sitting on the desk and hasn’t been used it in a while.

“Early results that we’re seeing from previous devices installed with Android M show a 30% increase in battery performance.”

Order now!

Like the sound of the Nexus 6P? You can order yours online from Vodafone UK right now. What’s more, anyone ordering will be in for an extra treat…

If you get your order in now, you’ll also walk away with a Huawei 7” T1 tablet, at no extra cost. That’s alongside your choice of entertainment from, Spotify Premium, NOW TV Entertainment or Netflix as part of our Red Value 4G Bundles*.

Ready for the next generation of Android? You can order your Nexus 6P here.

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