Microsoft has just unveiled a host of new details about Windows 10 for mobile, along with a couple of great new smartphones. Here's all the news in one place...

Microsoft is serious about mobile. Since the days of Windows Phone 7 it’s sought to offer a slick, smooth and pretty alternative to iOS and Android with its tiled interface and integrated Office services, but it’s all been leading to this: Windows 10 for mobile.

Microsoft has just taken to the stage to unveil its new mobile platform in all its final glory, with two new smartphones to boot. What’s the story? Read on for everything you need to know…

The future of productivity

There was a lot to take in during Microsoft’s keynote, but we’ve got all the facts straight. Here’s the full rundown of Windows 10 for mobile news:

1. About Windows 10 for mobile
Windows 10 for phones is built on the same basic back end technology as it is on the desktop, which not only means that the experience should be very consistent between your devices, but also that apps built for one are also built for the other. That means that developers have an easier job building beautiful apps that work in the same way on every device.

2. Continuum
Anyone interested in the future of computing will be really interested in Continuum. What is it? Well, since Microsoft’s mobile platform is built on the same building blocks as Windows 10 for the desktop, its phones have a smart trick up their sleeves.

Basically, when you connect a Windows 10 handset to a monitor, it’ll change the experience to look just like Windows 10 on a laptop or desktop, letting you control things with a keyboard and mouse to get documents written, check email or watch movies. Imagine coming into work, docking your phone and doing all your work without a bulky desktop, and you’ve got the idea.

lumia 950 lead

3. Windows Hello
There’s no one out there quite like you, and Microsoft knows it. That’s why ‘Hello’, the company’s clever way of letting you unlock your phone (or computer) is so smart. It uses your face, rather than passcodes or gestures, to let you securely access your device with just a glance.

4. Microsoft Lumia 950
The Lumia 950 (pictured above) is a monster. It’s got a hexa-core processor, a 5.2-inch OLED display, a USB Type-C connection for super quick charging and a 20-Megapixel camera that shoots in 4K video. And with the best of Windows 10 built in – including Continuum – it’s a productivity force to be reckoned with.

5. Microsoft Lumia 550
A quad-core, 1GHz processor, a 5-Megapixel camera and 8GB of inbuilt storage means the Lumia 550 (pictured below) is the perfect way to access everything that Windows 10 for mobile has to offer at a wallet friendly price. Stay tuned for more soon.

lumia 550 lead

6. Windows 10 for mobile: when’s it coming?
The new Windows 10 mobile devices will be landing in November, with a select range of older devices set to receive the update then, also. We’ll have loads more info soon, so keep it locked to Vodafone Social.

What’s your favourite thing about Windows 10 for mobile? Will you be grabbing a Windows 10 handset? Let us know your thoughts below.