Thinking about picking up Sony's latest? You're not alone: James Bond himself uses the Xperia Z5 too! Here's a raft of reasons to make it your next handset...

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For Sony fans, the wait is over. The Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact have landed at Vodafone UK and they’re each bursting at the seams with cutting edge technology. But now that you can finally get your hands on them, what important facts do you need to be able to rattle off when your friends ask you about your new phone?


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Worry not; we’ve compiled a list of the top five things you need to know about Sony’s latest flagships. Whether you’re impressing your mates or simply eyeing up your next handset, here’s what you need to know about the Xperia Z5 range…

Five reasons to love the Xperia Z5 range

001. The world’s fastest smartphone camera autofocus
Not only is the Z5 range replete with huge 23-Megapixel snappers, but they autofocus quicker than anyone else out there, in just 0.20 seconds (0.25 for the Z5 Compact). That means you can get great shots of any moving object or person without the photo being full of motion blur.

002. Expandable storage
While a lot of Android manufacturers are opting to seal their storage away and leave you with only what the phone shipped with, the Z5 series allows you to expand its already capacious 32GB with a microSD card, all the way up to 128GB! That’s a potential 160GB to play with, which is an awful lot of pictures, movies and games.

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003. Hi-Res audio
Sony’s hi-res audio is set to be an Xperia Z range mainstay, and it never ceases to amaze. With it, you can be talking to someone while walking down a busy road, and not only will you hear them in perfect clarity, but they’ll think you’re sitting in your local library. It’s that good.

004. Incredible battery life
While battery life is something some other phone manufacturers are putting on the back burner, Sony’s continued to make it a headline feature, and the Z5 range really benefits as a result. Sony says you’ll get up to two days with the Xpeira Z5 range, but in his recent Z5 Compact review for the Guardian, Samuel Gibbs says he got three days without a problem:

“Using it as my primary device, receiving hundreds of push notifications, emails, listening to music via Bluetooth, browsing for a couple of hours and a quick spot of gaming, the Z5 Compact lasted an average of 72.5 hours during my testing without applying any battery saving modes.”

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005. Vodafone Call+
Vodafone Call+ comes built right into the Sony Xperia Z5, allowing you to add loads of useful context to your calls, like maps, reminders, notes and photos. Click here to find out lots more about what makes Call+ such a winner.

006. Waterproofing
Whether you’re a touch accident prone or just know all too well that the Great British weather is more often rainy than not, you’ll appreciate that the the Sony Xperia Z5 range is IP68 certified. What does that mean? IP68 certification makes the Z5 water resistant to over 1.5 metres, and it can stay dunked for up to 30 minutes.

007. It’s the Bond phone!
You can even grab a special Bond edition Xperia Z5 exclusively from us with a load of extra Bond goodies stuffed inside.

So there you go: five big reasons to get excited about the Sony Xperia Z5 range. Now what are you waiting for; they’re available now!

Is it a done deal? You can choose your Xperia Z5 right here. Let us know what your favourite feature is below!