Ready for the next big thing? Wi-Fi Calling is coming to Vodafone UK, meaning we can connect you from more places than ever before...

We’re always looking to find new ways to make your calls better, and now we’re using the internet to expand your smartphone horizons – we’re introducing Wi-Fi Calling for our Vodafone Red, Red Value and Red+ customers on select handsets, so you can make phone calls whilst connected to any Wi-Fi network. And that’s set to unlock a whole new world of more calls in more places for everyone…

London Calling

So why is Wi-Fi Calling so exciting? Well, there are multiple reasons. Whilst we are committed to delivering 98% coverage across the UK using 2G, 3G and 4G services there will always be some places where you find you can’t get signal.

Let’s take the London Underground, for example – once an impossible place to make phone calls, but Wi-Fi Calling makes that a thing of the past. If you’re a Vodafone customer you’ve been able to gain free access to the London Underground’s Wi-Fi network for a while now, and thanks to Wi-Fi Calling, you can now use it to make phone calls – and in HD quality too! It’s really that simple.


It also means that you can use your home Wi-Fi network to make calls. Wi-Fi Calling takes advantage of your strong home internet connection, making it perfect for people who live in geographical not-spots, or in houses with thick stone walls that make it tricky for signal to enter.

And remember: Wi-Fi Calling is a great match for Vodafone Broadband, our new super speedy home broadband offering. Thanks to its special beam-forming technology, a strong Wi-Fi signal will follow your phone wherever you take it around your home, making Vodafone Broadband the perfect partner for Vodafone Wi-Fi Calling. Click here to find out how we’ve made switching your broadband to us as easy as pie.

How do I get it?

There’s no additional charge to use Vodafone Wi-Fi Calling. If you want to track all your usage you can do this via the My Vodafone App – available for Android and iOS.

Vodafone Wi-Fi Calling couldn’t be simpler to set up, but first, you need a few things to be eligible. As we mentioned earlier, you need to be on a Red, Red Value or Red+ Bundle and you need to be running the latest software on an eligible device.

Once you have those, and we have activated your service then you are good to go! All you need to do is go into your settings and switch on Wi-Fi Calling. And that’s it!
Unlike on other networks, with Vodafone Wi-Fi Calling you don’t need to download an app, it just works straight from your regular green call button!

Wi-Fi calling is available now on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and will be coming soon to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. You can register your interest here.

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