Love the Galaxy S6 edge? Samsung UK Vice President Andy Griffiths reckons the Galaxy S6 edge+ is "bigger and better." Let's find out why...


We absolutely loved the Galaxy S6 edge when it arrived back in April, and we still do. The combination of under-the-bonnet power, cutting edge design and that astonishing curved display made it an instant hit – not just with us, but with the entire tech industry. Praise-laden reviews rolled in left and right for Samsung’s new flagship, which many believed was top of the smartphone class.

Fast forward a few months, and Samsung has upped its game yet again with the Galaxy S6 edge+. On the surface, the 5.7-inch display makes the S6 edge+ a much larger phone than its smaller brother, but what else is new? Wonder no more: we’ve sat down for a chat with Andy Griffiths, President, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland to find out what makes the S6 edge+ a worthy alternative to the S6 edge.

Cutting edge technology…

“The most obvious difference between the S6 edge and the S6 edge+ is the screen,” says Andy when we quiz him on the differences between the two. “The edge+ has a 5.7-inch AMOLED screen, and that’s because we’re finding that devices with more than-five-and-a-half inch displays are incredibly popular at the moment.”

But aside from popularity, that bigger display acts as the keys to a world of mobile fun:

“That larger display opens up loads of multimedia possibilities…”

“For a start, that larger display opens up loads of multimedia possibilities,” Andy explains. “There’s loads of room for multi-tasking but it’s also great for gamers, and great for people who are downloading a lot of media or streaming video. We think it’s one of the best devices around for people who consume a lot of media.

“A lot of the stuff everyone loves about the S6 edge – the beautiful design, the wireless charging, the clarity of the screen – that is all still there. But the whole immersive multimedia experience that you get from the edge design, that’s all been supersized for the S6 edge+.


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As you’d expect, the Galaxy S6 edge+ sports many of the same premium-quality components as the S6 edge, which is no bad thing in our book. The ultra-powerful CPU, which is vital for the daily user experience and performance of your smarphone – is still there, as well as the superb 16-Megapixel rear camera – giving you great photos, and not forgetting that jaw-dropping, Gorilla Glass-protected curved display, which gives the phone its name. But the S6 edge+ is not simply a larger version of the older flagship – Samsung has worked hard to upgrade the phone in other areas too:

“One main improvement we’ve made is that the S6 edge+ charges 33% faster than the S6 edge,” explains Andy. Essentially, then, the edge+ is a dead ringer for the already stellar S6 edge but, according to Andy, “it’s bigger and it’s better.” That means that not only does the S6 edge+ retain both the brains and the brawn of its little brother, but it also keeps the same innovative features that helped to make the S6 edge a huge hit earlier in the year.


“I really think the features that are specifically related to the edge design – Apps Edge and People Edge, which allow you to get to your favoured apps and people fast – are fantastic on this handset,” says Andy. “They’re really fun to use, and they’re completely different from anything on the market.”

“A phone is an extra limb for many of us, it’s the way that people set up and communicate with the world.”

This is a key part of Samsung’s approach to mobile. When we spoke to Samsung UK’s Mobile Marketing Director Ines van Gennip about the Galaxy S6 edge back in April, she was unequivocal about Samsung’s approach to smartphone excellence. “It’s not just about designing a premium phone for the sake of it,” she told us, “it’s about having that in combination with tech that delivers the best solution for all our consumers.”

There’s no better example of that philosophy than the Galaxy S6 edge+, which mixes true cutting edge innovation with genuinely useful functionality.

“The smartphone market is so huge now,” explains Andy. “It’s ubiquitous. A phone is an extra limb for many of us, it’s the way that people set up and communicate with the world. And that means that manufacturers have to keep bringing good stuff in to stay on top.”

“We’re continuing to innovate…”

Samsung’s innovative mobile ethos naturally spells some exciting times on the horizon for anyone interested in smartphone technology. But what does Andy think the S6 edge+ specifically says about Samsung’s future plans in mobile?

“I think it says that we’re continuing to innovate and bring new ideas to the market,” says Andy. “The smartphone world is so saturated now that you really need to give people good reason to be interested. You have to come up with great new ideas that say to people, ‘this is why you need a new phone.’”

Want one of your own? You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ right now at Vodafone UK – just pop over to or drop into one of our stores across the country! Has Samsung piqued your interest with the S6 edge+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!