We've been speaking to Sony about the brand new Xperia Z5 range. What's new? And how do Sony's new phones improve on their predeccesors? Read on to find out...

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Fancy having the best display, audio, camera and gaming technology in your pocket? That’s precisely what Sony wants to give you with the brand new Sony Xperia Z5 range, with the whole line-up coming to Vodafone UK very soon.

The Xperia Z5 and the Z5 Compact are bursting at the seams with top end tech, but how has Sony managed to improve on its already spectacular flagship range? That’s what we’ve been getting to the bottom of, via Sony Mobile’s Jun Makino…

Happy snapping

Normally at this stage we’d get right down to it and start talking raw specs, but we thought it would be better if we let Jun explain what makes the Xperia Z5 range a true generational leap:

“We’re bringing the world’s best camera in a smartphone,” he begins, “and our acclaimed best stamina with up to two-days battery life. And on top of that we’re continuing our tradition of premium metal and glass design, all in a worry-free waterproof body. So really, we’re continuing the kind of innovation that we really believe is relevant for today’s smartphone users.”

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Ok, so first thing’s first, let’s talk about the camera. What makes it the ‘world’s best?’

“In the Z series we’ve always thrived to bring the best of Sony technologies into mobile devices,” Jun explains, “this time, we bring the know-how from Sony Alpha DSLR cameras to the Z5.

“While smartphone cameras are getting better and better, we still see that people are not always able to capture spontaneous moments quickly enough because the camera doesn’t focus quickly enough – giving you a blurred image. So here we’ve brought in the next generation Sony sensor together with DSLR know-how to enable the world’s fastest autofocus in a smartphone. With the Z5 you’re able to – in an instant – focus in on the subject that you want to capture, so you never miss that moment.”

But just how fast is an instant, we hear you ask? It’s very, very quick:

“The new hybrid autofocus technology let’s you focus in 0.03 seconds,” Jun tells us, adding that focusing time isn’t the only improvement. “‘With the Z5, we’ve also brought in an even better quality zoom. Zooming is another pain point with today’s smartphone owners – people want to get closer to the action, like at sporting events for instance, but with today’s digital zoom you lose quality pretty quickly. With the Z5 we’ve got a 5x Clear Image Zoom, letting you get that picture perfect shot even from a distance.”

Long living battery and hard-wearing design

“With battery life, we continue our promise of ‘up to two-days battery life’ even though we’ve made the Z5 more powerful,” Jun explains as we move onto some of the Z5 series’ other headline-grabbing specs. “We want to make the experience one in which you don’t have to limit your normal usage or worry about the battery running out before your important night out.”

Likewise, another Sony mainstay is its ‘Omnibalance’ design:

“We have a very iconic, minimal take on design with the Z series. With the Z5 that’s truer than ever – with a premium combination of metal frame and glass on the front and back, onto which we’ve applied a new colour and finish treatment to give a bit of a deep, frosted effect.

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But it’s not all business as usual, with one big and pioneering design change:

“We’ve changed our iconic power button,” says Jun. “We’ve always had a round power button on the side of our phones, but what we’ve done with the Z5 series is to integrate a fingerprint sensor. Now this enables you to wake the phone and unlock it securely with one motion. And lets you avoid those cumbersome pin code or pattern unlock process.”

That’s especially cool when you consider that this is the first time such high-tech security has been squeezed onto the side of a svelte, slim handset, rather than on the front or back. Jun admits that was “a real technological challenge,” though he assures us that it works like a charm: “Our engineers were able to solve the problem in an elegant way, while still keeping the fingerprint reading accuracy really high.”

That’s already a long list of impressive additions and improvements, but there’s more still. Like how the Z5 still offers expandable storage – a feature Sony strongly believes in: “Anyone with a smartphone should have the freedom to increase their storage,” Jun says. “We think that’s a very important part of our smartphones.”

Small or medium?

If the Sony Xperia Z5 range sounds right up your street, then perhaps the best news is that you can grab one in a size to suit you. As with previous Z generations, Sony is launching the 5.2-inch Z5 alongside a 4.6-inch Z5 Compact.

“What we want to do is offer great choice with the same experience across a range of different sizes.”

“What we want to do is offer great choice,” Jun explains, “with the same experience across a range of different sizes. That’s why the Z5 Compact is a no-compromise flagship experience in a smaller form factor..”

So which one will you opt for? Both Sony Xperia Z5 handsets will be landing at Vodafone UK soon, so watch this space. For now, we’ll leave the last word to Jun:

“The Z series’ mission is to bring together innovation from across the Sony group into one, including the best technologies for camera, battery, audio, display and gaming. The Z5 range leads in every aspect of this to bring new intuitive experiences to today’s smartphones users”

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the Sony Xperia Z5 range below, and stay tuned to Vodafone Social for more soon.