Vodafone Broadband is now available across the UK! And if you're thinking of switching, all it takes is one phone call, and we'll handle the rest...

Vodafone Connect router

It’s been a while since we first pulled the covers off Vodafone Broadband, and in that time we’ve been bringing you details on all the things that make our broadband special – from our unique Vodafone Connect app to our partnership with the industry-leading experts at F-Secure internet security.

And all of that has been building up to the exciting news we have for you now! Today, Vodafone Broadband is available to our loyal customers around the country, so no matter where you are, you’ll be able to jump on board and benefit from our great broadband service.

And that’s not all. If you get Vodafone Broadband now, as existing customers, we’ll give you a permanent £5 discount off your monthly internet bill, with a further discount of 50% off your internet bill for the first 12 months!

Are you thinking of switching over? It doesn’t need to be a hassle, in fact, it’s as simple as a single phone call. We’ve been speaking to Vodafone UK’s Meredith Sharples – the man in charge of Vodafone Broadband – to find out how Vodafone is making things as straight-forward as possible.

Keeping it simple

“The process of switching is something we’ve spent an awful lot of time looking at ourselves,” explains Meredith. “We’ve built a dedicated switching team as part of our brand new call centre in Glasgow, and that team deals solely with provisioning our customers to Vodafone Broadband. All it takes is a single phone call to get everything sorted.

“All it takes is a single phone call to get everything sorted.”

“After that, we manage the whole process for the customer ourselves – we contact your previous provider to manage the migration of your account, and the customer will get a letter informing them when it’s done. It’s one call, and we handle everything else.”


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The simplicity doesn’t stop there, either. Once we’ve handled the migration of your broadband account, we’ll make every other aspect as easy as possible for you, from installation to troubleshooting and receiving your bills.

“Our broadband is self-installing,” Meredith continues, “so the majority of our customers will not need an engineer to visit their house or drill any holes. They’ll activate your connection from the street cabinet near your house and then notify you when it’s all working so you can plug in your new Vodafone Connect router and enjoy your new service.

“You can call us and talk about your mobile device, broadband, and home phone with the same person.”

“Once you’re up and running, our Glasgow call centre will handle all your Vodafone needs,” he adds. “That means you can call us and talk about your mobile device, broadband, and home phone with the same person. And when TV arrives, you’ll be able to speak to them about that service too! Not only that, but when you get your bill, it will just be one bill for all your Vodafone services, whichever you’re signed up for.”

Added to that, you’ll be able to head to any of our stores for Vodafone Broadband help too, which is a great benefit – there aren’t many of our broadband competitors who have over 500 stores across the UK…

“If you sign up in store, we’ll give you a router on the day,” says Meredith, “so you can take that home and then plug it in when the engineer activates your internet from the exchange box.”

It really couldn’t be simpler than that! But Vodafone Broadband isn’t just about simplicity, it’s about quality and consistency too – two things that we all want from our home internet connection these days. Fortunately, we’ve also had the chance to chat to Vodafone UK’s Fixed Networks Manager Geoff Robinson to get the low-down on that side of the story, too.

vodafone connect 2

So what exactly is it that makes our fixed network so reliable? First off, it’s important to know the history, and to understand that this is far from an overnight project:

“Vodafone bought Cable & Wireless around three years ago now,” says Geoff, “and there’s been a massive amount of work going on behind the scenes since. Much of that has been expansion work. The old network covered just under 50% of the UK population, but we’ve managed to expand it to around 90% now.”

Not only has our fixed network grown in size to cover most of the country, but we’ve also spent millions turning it into an incredibly high-quality, robust network. So, what is it that makes our broadband so much better than our competitors? Geoff was only too happy to explain:

“The network we’ve built is an enterprise-grade network… so it’s extremely robust.”

“The network we’ve built is an enterprise-grade network,” he says, “capable of dealing with extremely high-demand, so it’s extremely robust. A key part of that is what we call our ‘level of resilience’. For a start, there will never be a single point of failure in the network, so you should never lose your connection – the network will always redirect the flow of traffic.

“Say you live in Manchester, and a digger has accidentally damaged one of our cables. Our network will divert your traffic to an exchange nearby – in Liverpool, for example – and you won’t even notice. The reason for that is we run things at 80% capacity, so that the remaining 20% is a contingency for those sorts of problems.

Ready for the future

So, thanks to our fantastic new network, we’re doing away with random connection loss and slow internet in the evening. Sounds pretty good, right? As Meredith explains in closing, these are just a few of the reasons why a move to Vodafone Broadband could change the way you use the internet at home:

“Apart from the quality of our infrastructure, and the simplicity of switching that we’ve talked about, Vodafone Broadband offers so many great, unique reasons to consider switching over,” he says. “We’ve got fantastic speeds of 76Mbps, and our Vodafone Connect app and router gives you amazing control over your home internet and Wi-Fi.


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“Not forgetting of course, that when you sign up to Vodafone Broadband, you get 6 months free antivirus protection courtesy of F-Secure. It’s been a long journey,” he says in closing, “but we really think we’ve put together an incredible package.”

Are you ready for our new broadband experience? Click here to sign up online, call our Glasgow team on 191, or drop into one of our stores now for more!