The Sony Xperia Z3+ is here. What makes it special, and what makes it a worthy step up from its predecessor? We've been chatting to Sony to find out...


Heard the news? Sony has been busily working on a sequel to the already amazing Xperia Z3, and has now lifted the lid on the result of its toil in the Sony labs: the Xperia Z3+. What’s that ‘plus’ all about, you ask? That’s exactly what we wanted to find out.

And to do just that, we’ve been speaking to Sony’s Warren Saunders, Head of UK & Ireland for Sony Mobile. He’s the man with the inside knowledge on everything that makes the Z3+ a notable successor in the prestigious range, a worthy heir to the Android throne, and a dream handset for audiophiles everywhere…

Pushing the envelope

“The Xperia Z3+ is our new premium flagship smartphone,” says Warren, “and it’s a logical evolution to the Xperia Z3 family.” And he’s not wrong: all the Xperia Z range hallmarks are present and correct: the powerful performance, an unusually-long battery life, great design and fully waterproof functionality. But it’s not enough to be the same; you have to improve on every area. Which is just what Sony’s done.

“The Xperia Z3+ introduces some incremental step-ups for people who appreciate having the latest technology. There were new features that we really wanted to share with people.”

So what new features are we talking about? First up: audio. Since the Walkman, Sony has led the way in the personal music business, so it knows how to squeeze maximum levels of sound quality out of pocketable devices.


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“The Z3+ has enhanced audio with Hi-Res Audio, Digital Noise Cancelling and DSEE technology,” says Warren. “What does all that mean? Simply put, it means that you can enjoy music as the artist originally intended. Hi-Res Audio is the next big thing in audio streaming and downloads, DSEE HX automatically upscales tracks to studio quality, whilst Digital Noise Cancelling technology ensures uninterrupted listening no matter how loud things get around you.

“We’re so proud of our offering that we’re bundling Sony MDR10-RC headphones and SRS-BTV5 wireless speakers in as well, to help you get the best audio quality, wherever you are.

“The front camera’s had a big update too,” says Warren. “It now boasts Superior Auto, Soft snap, Backlight portrait, Night portrait and Infant modes to help you take the best shots in any situation. We’ve also put SteadyShot with Intelligent Active Mode in the front camera for high quality video capture, as well as a 25mm wide-angle lens, so you can squeeze more people into your selfies.”

“Inside, there’s the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor for seamless performance, coupled with an already-impressive 2-day battery life. And with our new quick charge accessory, the Xperia Z3+ juiced up a full day’s usage with just 45 minutes of charging. The Xperia Z3+ is also our slimmest Xperia Z smartphone to date at just 6.9mm thin, and it only weighs 144g.”

On top of all that, the waterproofing, which is a Z series mainstay, has also been improved in the Z3+, removing the need for a cover over the Micro-USB port.

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Staying ahead of the game

So that’s the raw specs covered off, making it clear that the 5.2-inch Z3+ is a sizeable step up from its predecessor, but what’s Sony’s inspiration? And in which areas does the company put most of its focus when it comes to smartphones?

“With Xperia Z3+ we’ve listened to consumer needs,” says Warren, “so we’ve really focused on improving the features that they use the most. Things like battery life are what sets us apart from our competitors, and it’s because we know that battery life is such an important feature. It’s as important as display quality, audio and camera technology.”


“The smartphone market’s getting more and more competitive,” Warren says in closing, “but that can only be a good thing for the customer. We’re committed to delivering the very best products we can at Sony, and strive to deliver innovative tech alongside bespoke entertainment experiences, all in well-designed, durable packages.

“And that’s very much the story of the Z3+: it’s the culmination of everything Sony has to offer, and it’s right at the very forefront of mobile tech, which is a place we intend to stay.”

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