Fancy an even easier way to top up? Check out PowaTag, the app that lets you do just by swiping our special Vodafone Pay as you go QR codes...


Whether you’re on one of our great pay monthly bundles or you’re a regular topper-upper on Pay as you go, we’re always working hard to make your mobile life easier. And today it’s all about our Pay as you go customers, with a brand new way to make topping up easier than ever…

Powa to the people

We’re testing out a new service from the mobile payment experts at PowaTag to make topping up your phone simpler than it’s ever been before. How does it work, you ask?

PowaTag uses the secret powers of QR codes to speed up the topping up process from start to finish. Step one? You’ll need to download the PowaTag app, which you can do by clicking the link below, and register your payment details.


Download PowaTagPowatag
The PowaTag app is available for iOS and Android – just click on the links to download, get scanning, and get topped up!


Simple, right? Once you’ve done that and followed all instructions on the app, everything else just falls into place. All you have to do is scan one of our PowaTag QR codes with your phone, select an amount and voila – you have just topped up. We told you it was a breeze!

We’re piloting the tech at the moment by putting PowaTag in our retail stores across the country. But that’s not all: you can head to Argos, BrightHouse, Co-op and Tesco to top up as well. International students have received a SIM pack in the post from UCAS this month and can also top-up via PowaTag. Come August, our PowaTag will also be in Wilko, Asda and Sainsbury’s too!

And don’t forget, when you top up with Vodafone, you don’t just get credit – you get all the benefits of our Big Value Bundles.

Big Value Bundles

Top up just £10 and you’ll get unlimited texts, as well as 150 minutes and 500MB of data, whilst £30 will get you more of everything, and a 30-day subscription to one of Spotify Premium, NOW TV Entertainment or Sky Sports Mobile TV into the bargain*!

Also, every time you top up we’ll give you 10% of your credit back in Vodafone Reward points, which you can spend on anything from high street vouchers to money off a brand new phone! Whichever way you look at it, our Big Value Bundles are the smart choice for those who want to combine the incredible value of our Pay monthly Red Value Bundles, and the flexibility of Pay as you go.

Want to know more? Click here to find out more about our Big Value Bundles, and to grab one for yourself!


*Big Value Bundle: UK use only. Calls & texts to standard UK mobiles and landlines (01, 02, 03). Last 30 days. Automatically renews every 30 days if you have enough credit. Opt out by calling 2345 for free. Terms apply see Content services: Sky Sports 1 & 2 and Sky Sports news HQ only. Content may vary. Compatible device required. NOW TV Entertainment Pass: Available for PAYG customers who purchase a £30 or £40 Big Value Bundle. NOW TV Entertainment service expires at the same time as your Big Value Bundle. Price paid includes the cost of a Big Value Bundle TopUp, 4G tariff and Entertainment Pass (for PAYG customers). Debit/credit card required. 18 +. UK only. Content streamed via BB/4G. Terms apply see 4G: Limited coverage. See