Want to make your friends green with envy? Here's why the Green Emerald Samsung Galaxy S6 could be the handset for you...

s6 edge green

Smitten with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge? Us too. Samsung’s twin flagship devices pack some of the mobile world’s most powerful components into svelte, premium packages. And not only that, but each device comes in a range of colours.


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The good news today is that we’re adding a new hue to our Galaxy S6 edge line-up, with a further one for the S6 on the horizon. Want to make your friends green with envy? Read on…

Green and pleasant handset

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. That may be true for a lot of things, but not for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge owners – especially if you pick one up in the new Green Emerald colour. We’re thrilled to add it to our S6 edge line-up alongside black, white and gold from today, giving budding S6 edge owners the chance to grab a phone that really shows off their personality.

Not only that, but at the end of August we’ll also be adding Blue Topaz to our S6 line-up, too! Two phones, five colours… Which combination will you choose?

It’s a tricky choice. Luckily, the decision whether or not to opt for a Galaxy S6 device in the first place is a no brainer, as TechRadar’s resident smartphone guru reveals:

2fbde49“The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a real ‘phoenix’ phone for the brand,” Gareth Beavis says. “The launch was all about making a phone people actually wanted, shorn of gimmicks, and it’s largely delivered… The S6 edge is easily one of the best phones around, with a screen and camera combo that’s unmatched in the industry. It’s fast, responsive and – really importantly – looks brilliant compared to previous models.

“Samsung needed a phone that would put it back to the forefront of the smartphone game – and it’s done that in spades.”

Michael Sawh from Trusted Reviews agrees, telling us at Vodafone Social that with the Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung has truly impressed:

url“It feels like for years we’ve been comparing the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy range, and there’s always been one clear winner. But this year with the Galaxy S6 edge, I think the tables have turned this time in Samsung’s favour. If you really care about having the most cutting-edge smartphone then the S6 edge is pretty much the phone to go for at the moment.

“The 2K screen is head and shoulders above anything else out there for sharpness and vibrancy. The camera is one of the easiest to use but also strikes the right balance with the hardware and software to grab the kind of images you’re actually going to want to share with people.

s6 edge green main

Historically, Samsung has always overdone it with the bloatware and pre-installed apps, but it’s clearly learnt from its ways and removed a lot of the useless software you’re just never going to use, making it feel more like stock Android.

“The most important change though is the design,” says Michael “I’ve been critical of Samsung’s decision to go all plastic for its flagship before and now it’s finally changed its ways. The new glass back and front with metal trim means this is a phone you won’t be ashamed to pull out in front of all of your iPhone-owning pals.”

Ready to order yours? You can grab the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge in your choice of colour right here. If you’re already a fan, let us know what you like most about each handset in the comments section below!