Do you want to make the most of your holidays? Adventurer Alastair Humphreys explains how you can do just that with a bit of ingenuity and Vodafone 4G...

What’ll be your next adventure? Will it be something big like trekking the Himalayas, or something small like exploring the county next door? According to seasoned adventurer Alastair Humphreys, they’re both equally worthy trips.

We’ve been chatting to Alastair about all things adventuring, following on from his recent trip through Croatia. Armed with only a Vodafone Smart Prime 6 and Vodafone EuroTraveller – allowing him to take his minutes, texts and data from home, all for just £3 a day – Alastair reveals all about his #GetOutThere challenge, and his top tips on how to turn any holiday into one to remember…

Hooked on adventure

alastair2First up, we had to ask: how exactly do you go about becoming an adventurer for a living? “That’s two questions, really!” says Alastair, laughing. “One is how I got into adventuring, and the other is how to turn it into a living! As for the first one: when I finished university I didn’t really know what kind of grown up job I wanted to do. The idea I liked the most was going off on an adventure, so I grabbed a bike and cycled round the world for four years.

“That’s what really got me hooked on the world of adventuring. After that I gradually tried to turn it into a living. I wanted to write about my experiences, so while I was writing I started giving talks at schools, and eventually all that evolved into a job.”

Since then, Alastair’s gone on more than his fair share of amazing trips of all shapes and sizes. Including his most recent: a journey around Croatia to help showcase what you can get up to with the benefit of Vodafone 4G in your back pocket.

So Alastair’s big on the concept of ‘microadventures’ – which are small moments of unexpected travelling delight that don’t cost the Earth, and that’s something we wanted him to capture on video in our miniseries:

“Microadventures came about because – while I’m in a lucky position in which adventuring is my life – I realise that a lot of people don’t see it as being a realistic prospect. They like the idea of it, but what with all the things that get in the way in our busy lives, big adventures aren’t often feasible. So I started to try to make adventure more accessible to more people, more often, by keeping the elements of ‘adventure’ but without it eating up too much time and without it costing too much money. And that’s how I started championing microadventures.”

And there are microadventures lurking everywhere; you just have to look beyond the obvious tourist traps…

“I always encourage people to break away from all the standard tourist stuff which you get the moment you search for ‘tourist things to do’,” Alastair explains. “Get off the main road, find random villages to eat in and meet the people there – it’s so much more fun. And explore the wilderness. I think people tend to think of European holidays as being all about cities and beaches, but being in the hills and swimming in the river was the best part of that trip for me.”

“The Croatia trip was fantastic,” says Alastair, “I guess for two reasons. One is that I loved Croatia already; I cycled through it on my round-the-world trip so I knew it was a beautiful place with good food and good people, lovely weather and great scenery. But then the adventure side of it really appealed to me because, while I do like the tourist side of things in the old towns, it’s always more exciting when you can do something unusual, like find rivers to swim in and mountains to climb.

“And Vodafone 4G was genuinely useful for all of that. We used it for sharing our pics on Instagram and Facebook, for finding unique restaurants, as a satnav in the car, as well as videoing right on the handset itself and uploading it to the cloud. That’s as well as currency conversion and just Googling ways to get off of the beaten path!

“Having a mobile data connection allows you to take control…”

“People can sometimes get too into sharing stuff online instead of living in the moment when they’re on holiday, but then having that constant mobile connectivity does allow you to be yourself more – to make the trip exactly what you want.

“For example, if we’d have gone to a tour guide in Split and said we want to sleep on a hillside, they’d have told us it wasn’t possible, and would probably have suggested a nice hotel instead! Having a mobile data connection allows you to take control,” says Alastair in closing, “and lets you make your trip exactly the way you want it to be – it allows you to be much more spontaneous.”

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