Want something with the looks and the quality of the LG G4, but in a slightly smaller package? Look no further: the LG G4c is here...

lg g4c

If you love the look and raw specs of the LG G4 but prefer a handset to be a little more compact, or if you are looking for something slightly more affordable, we’ve got the handset for you in the brand new LG G4c. This mid-tier smartphone offers high spec-tech in a phone with a smaller 5-inch frame and a wallet-friendly price tag.

To find out what makes it tick, how it differs from the rest of the pack and what LG’s got in store for the future, we’ve been catching up with LG’s Shaun Musgrave. Read on for the full story…

The smaller sibling

LG believes that if you’re making a compact version of your flagship handset, you’ve got to do so for the right reason. And in the case of the G4c, that reason is twofold: choice and price. And according to Shaun, those are two sides of the same coin:

“The main ambition with the G4c is to introduce a similarly designed phone to our flagship LG G4, but at a much more affordable price point” he explains. “Many people like what we’ve achieved with the G4, but might not necessarily have a flagship appropriate budget, so the G4c offers a good balance between affordability and a great feature set.”

lg g4c 2

It certainly looks the part, but what’s different?

“In terms of specification differences, we’ve moved from a hexa-core processor on the G4 to a quad-core for the G4c, without compromising on performance. Similarly, with the camera, the G4c offers a 5-Meg front and 8-Megapixel rear camera (versus an 8Meg and a 16Meg on the G4), but it still takes great shots – better than you’ll find on a lot of high-end flagship devices. The front-facing camera boasts a high quality wide-angle lens , and the 8-megapixel rear camera has a really sharp lens for maximum detail.

“In terms of memory, the internal storage between the two devices is different, but we maintain our core principle that you should be able to expand as required. As such, the G4c has 8GB of internal storage, but you can expand that to 64GB+ with a MicroSD card. The battery, meanwhile, is 2540mAh , which is only 500mAh shy of what’s is in the industry leading G4, and that means you’ll get great all-day battery life.”

‘Enough of a difference’

Compact variants of flagship devices usually try to either replicate the specs found in their bigger brother, or offer a slight step down in return for a cheaper price. LG’s gone down the latter route, and that’s because it believes there’s no point in making this kind of phone unless there’s a big difference between it and the flagship above. Why’s that? Because difference means choice…

lg g4c 3

“With the G4c, we reach a balance between offering a stunning screen on an affordable device, whilst also making sure that there’s enough of a difference between the mid-range and the high end. You can’t have everything or please everyone,” says Shaun, “but if you want to make an affordable device, you need to figure out what the key factors for consumers are – such as great screen, good performance, a top camera and a big battery and offer them without some of the added extras expected of a flagship.”

“One of the most immediately compelling aspects of the LG G4c is that it still offers a large screen for an immersive user experience” he adds “It’s got a 5-inch display, which is almost as big as some competitor flagships.” Although worry not, small-handed readers: LG has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to making a big-screened phone worthy of the ‘compact’ moniker:

“Because of the way we arrange the buttons on our handsets, with the volume and power switches on the rear, it is closer in size to a 4.7 or 4.5-inch device than competitors’ 5-inch displays.”


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And that’s a tactic that LG’s not only pioneered, but one that it wants to take even further in the future…

“We aim to push the envelope as much as possible to deliver what people want,” says Shaun. “There’s a reason why smartphone manufacturers have increased the size of devices; as it is one of the biggest factors driving consumer purchase decisions.

“We’ll continue to push that envelope,” says Shaun as we wrap things up, “but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable to use. There’ll be a tipping point where we’ll say ‘enough’s enough’ – we won’t go above a certain size because you won’t be able to achieve the level of comfort and finish expected of an LG device.”

Get yours now! The LG G4c is available right now if you dial 191 from any Vodafone handset, or from vodafone.co.uk. Click here to get yours! In the market for something bigger? Check out our exclusive interview about the LG G4.