Ready to supercharge your smartphone? Then we've got good news: If you head over to you can now grab yourself a huge range of essential accessories...


Our digital shelves have always been stocked full of the world’s best mobiles, and we pride ourselves on bringing you a huge selection from all of the biggest manufacturers around, accessible all from the comfort of your internet browser. But the smartphone in your pocket is nothing without the right extras.

That’s why we’ve recently expanded to give you access to some amazing accessories. Need to give your phone a bit of a boost? Read on for a whistle-stop tour of some of the best peripherals we’ve got to offer…

Essential extras

Whether it’s more storage for all your content, some top notch headphones to really do your music justice or just a bit of added protection, our new online accessory range will have you covered. Check out some of our must-haves below:


sd cardSanDisk Ultra microSDHC 32GB Memory Card
If you have an Android phone or a newer Windows Phone handset, there’s a good chance that it supports MicroSD cards, and that means you can massively expand the available room for music, movies, photos, videos and apps. Here’s a whopping 32GB!
£30 – Get yours now!


zagg caseZAGG InvisibleShield Glass for iPhone 6
Worried about keeping that Retina Display pristine? You might not be able to see any of its pixels, but you’ll probably see cracks if it takes a big fall. Give your iPhone 6 some discreet protection courtesy of ZAGG.
£20 – Get yours now!


sim adapter packVodafone SIM Adapter Pack
If you’re moving from a newer phone with a Nano SIM to one with a Micro or traditional SIM, then you can always come in store and ask for a new SIM to match your phone. Or, if you know you’ll be swapping phones often, you can just grab this handy adapter kit.
£5 – Get yours now!


sure signal v3Vodafone Sure Signal V3
If the structure of your house or the lie of the land makes it difficult for you to get reliable signal at home, then the Vodafone Sure Signal is for you. It uses your home broadband to boost your reception giving you a great reception in your home.
£100 – Get yours now!


dot view caseHTC Dot View Premium (black) for HTC One M9
HTC’s innovative Dot View case is more than just a protective cover for your One M9. It works in unison with the phone’s display to show the time, weather and your notifications without draining your battery life.
£30 – Get yours now!


100x160_tunebuds_blackGriffin TuneBuds GC38200 in-ear headphones
If the headphones that came bundled in the box with your phone aren’t up to par, grab a pair of Griffin’s in-ear TuneBuds and you’ll hear deep bass, high trebles and everything inbetween.
£12 – Get yours now!


Need more? You can check out the whole range of mobile accessories here.

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