There are loads of reasons for you to switch to our amazing home broadband, but here's one more: Top notch online security for the whole family, with a special discount to boot...

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Sign up for Vodafone Broadband – our brilliant new home broadband offering – and we’ll also provide you with six months free peace of mind from F-Secure, the award-winning online security company.


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Not only that, but once those six months are up you’ll be able to scoop up a 12 month SAFE subscription for half price at just £39.99. In a world where online security across all your devices has never been so important, it’s a great deal. But you needn’t take that on blind faith alone: we’ve been speaking to one of F-Secure’s resident experts Tom Gaffney about everything the service has to offer you and your devices…

Every day’s a school day

“About half of our company is engaged in engineering,” says Tom, explaining how F-Secure ensures its spot at the forefront of online security, “and a third are pure lab-based research and development. We have three global centres based in Helsinki, Kuala Lumpur and San Jose, all staffed with virus analysts who spend every day finding new threats.”

And with that many people working round the clock, those labs are kept busy by untold numbers of dodgy viruses, bugs and attacks flooding in every single day – each of which is dissected like a frog in a school biology lesson:

“We get hundreds of thousands of customer alert reports every day…”

“We get hundreds of thousands of alerts from customer reports every day,” he explains, “and we have networks of honeypots too – unprotected devices that we watch to see what online bad guys are distributing. When something like that comes into the labs we’ll decompile it and pick it apart.

“If it turns out to be malicious, we can push an update to our entire global user base within 60 seconds that will block it from every SAFE-protected device. These updates happen periodically throughout the day, and they’re completely invisible in the background, so if you’re covered by us you’ll be consistently protected.

“Because these updates are incremental, they won’t overpower your system’s resources. Antivirus software of the past used to update once a week or fortnightly, and that big update would slow your device down a bit. Because we update so regularly you’re not left with any gaps in your protection.”

Every device, every website, protected

Tom believes that F-Secure SAFE’s no-nonsense way of protecting your digital devices is what makes it stand out from the crowd:

“Our protection works by encrypting any data that goes between your device and the website your device is talking to,” he explains, “and it temporarily cuts off any other browsing sessions you have going at the same time, because that’s the major attack vector for hackers. We call that a ‘man in the middle’ attack, where someone tries to interrupt your browsing session to lift card and account details. Generally speaking, banks, eBay, Amazon, etc. all have good security tech and they’re pretty safe anyway, but it comes into play when you’re browsing smaller web-shops because they might not have the same security.”

“And there are a couple of cool things that come with that, too. One is online banking protection. Whenever you log into your online banking, or eBay or something like that, you want to be sure that you are logging into the correct place, and that no-one is trying to steal your details.”



And that’s really the ace up SAFE’s sleeve – it’s a one-stop-shop. But at the same time it’s no ‘jack of all, master of none’ – the software does everything well enough to win awards and consistently beat its rivals…

“We often come out among the best in independent tests,” says Tom. “There are two major organisations that do independent testing in Europe, one is AV-Ratings and the other is AV-Comparatives. The likes of PC Pro and Which? go to those two organisations for benchmarking because they’re the ones that apply the real technical diligence. AV-Ratings has made F-Secure their top security client for four years in a row now, and they’re not just testing to check that we’re good at blocking viruses and removing them, they also check our impact on a device’s resources. We perform at the top of our peers in both.

“I think F-Secure is unique in the way we package everything together into a fully-rounded security solution for customers,” says Tom. And we agree – that’s why it’s such a perfect match for Vodafone Broadband.

Register your interest now and you can grab everything SAFE from F-Secure has to offer for free for six months, and then half price for a further 12. Click here to find out more.

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